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Raising Wages: The Standard for 2016 Presidential Candidates- AFL-CIO

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka outlines labor’s priorities for the 2016 Presidential election.

2016 Elections

Not So Fast: Unions ramp up pressure on Congress to stop fast track

More than a year after sending proponents of fast track back to the drawing board, Congress is poised to consider a modified version of the trade measure this spring. 620 more words

Union Events

Union Membership Rate Falls to 100-Year Low

This is from The Daily Signal.

It will be no loss if the unions just fade away.

Look at the trouble Detriot is in due to the unions. 401 more words

Unions' organizing gains outpaced by overall job growth in 2014

The percentage of workers who are members of labor unions dropped slightly in 2014 both nationally and in Minnesota, while the earnings advantage enjoyed by union members remained significant, according to an annual report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 531 more words


STEVEN MALANGA: State of Disunion - The growing conflict between public and private labor

City Journal: Over the past few years, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel has enraged public-sector unions by closing failing public schools and calling for pension reform. The head of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, went so far as to offer a local labor official $1 million in union campaign support to take on Emanuel, up for reelection in February. 2,082 more words


Union Leaders Tom Balanoff, Richard Trumka encouraged by Obama amnesty play as organized labor launches immigrant recruitment push amidst shrinking numbers

Fox News: America’s struggling labor unions got a gift this year when President Obama announced his expansive executive actions on immigration: potentially thousands, if not millions, of new members. 113 more words