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He must be CRACKERS! Part Two of an interview with James Cracknell

In our next article we feature James’s experiences in the Marathon des Sables in 2010 and his tips for those taking part in April 2015 or planning to take part in the race in future years. 128 more words

Merry Christmas!

We might not have Reindeer in Southern Africa, but we have a few willing volunteers.

Nature Photography

Meyerophytum meyeri

These peculiar plants produce leaves of two kinds: the first pairs of the season are egg shaped, forming a bilobed body; the second ones are much longer than wide, with the leaves free for about two thirds of their length. 76 more words


Cheiridopsis pillansii

This species is a common sight on low outcrops in the Richtersveld, from north of Lekkersing to the Augrabiesberg, and forms compact clumps up to 20 cm in diameter. 39 more words


Adromischus filicaulis (part 1: ssp. filicaulis)

Adromischus filicaulis is widespread (occurring from Namibia to Uniondale) and often common. It is also extremely variable.
The subspecies filicaulis is found from southern Namibia to east of Vanrhynsdorp; it most often grows on rocky outcrops and gravelly slopes and usually has erect stems.


Pelargonium crithmifolium (2)

In the preceding post I mentioned the persisting inflorescences that are so characteristic of this species. When you look back at that post you will notice that even young plants produce them. 148 more words


Didelta carnosa var. tomentosa

When we think of succulent members of the enormous Asteraceae (Compositae) family, almost automatically the genus names Othonna and Senecio pop up. Some people will also be acquainted with synomym names like Kleinia, Curio or Notonia, but that is probably it. 124 more words