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Along the banks of the Orange River

Back in 2013, Wynand and I did a multi-day river rafting trip on the Orange River and we were amazed by the beauty and tranquility of the Richtersveld. 464 more words


Crassula corallina (part 2: subsp. macrorrhiza)

Compared to ssp. corallina, these plants look more sturdy, with leaves 4-5 mm long and wide. The leaves are also much whiter.
Another difference is that they have a tuberous main root up to 1.2 cm wide (macrorrhiza= with a big root). 36 more words


Euphorbia dregeana

As the first picture shows, these up to 2m tall, dense clumps are very conspicuous in the field.
The branches are yellowish-green to grey-green, usually up to 3 cm thick at the base and 1.2 cm in diameter above, with leaves that soon disappear. 47 more words


Euph stapelioides

These peculiar little plants occur in the northwest corner of the Richtersveld (Oranjemund to Koekenaap), where they form rather dense mats.
They have tuberous roots and  tough and fibrous aerial stems, which are more or less terete, 30-100 mm long  and 2-5 mm in diameter. 54 more words


Bulbine mesembryanthoides (part 3 of 3)

Subspecies namaquensis differs from its sibling by having no more than two leaves, one of which is usually inconspicuous.
The inflorescence is shorter (5-10 cm tall) and always single and the filaments have a double tuft of hairs. 16 more words


A writing adventure completed ...

My latest ebook, The Road Winding Among the Mountains—Story of an Epic Bicycle Journey to the Richtersveld Mountain Desert, has finally been published. It is my second book, written in English. 124 more words


Day 7 - Richtersberg dust monsters

Destination: Richtersberg Campsite, Richtersveld National Park
Distance: 10km

After our 2 days at De Hoop we were excited to get moving again. There are two roads from De Hoop towards Richtersberg. 1,665 more words

Land Rover Series 3