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Othonna taraxacoides

Almost two years ago I published a post on Othonna auriculifolia. Today’s subject could be considered the northern counterpart of that species. Both were described in the first half of the 19th century, when taxonomy was still a very European science. 109 more words


Hoodia (Trichocaulon) alstonii

Of the small-flowered Hoodias this is by far the tallest, with plants growing into many-stemmed shrubs up to slightly over a meter tall and 0.5 m wide. 120 more words


Avonia papyracea (part 1 of 2)

Even if one has no knowledge of Latin, it is probably easy to understand that papyracea means papery. This refers to the thin, white scales that cover the stems. 265 more words


Richtersveld Wildrun 2015 Day 4

The final day of the 2015 Richtersveld Wildrun concluded today with a course record day for Thabang Madiba and Katya Soggot.

It was a tough final day with technical trail, tough climbs, technical descents and amazing views. 292 more words

'Scaping the Richtersveld

If you haven’t heard of the Richtersveld I wouldn’t blame you. It is seriously off the beaten track. An area of outstanding beauty, high temperatures and little water wedged in the border-zone between Namibia and South Africa. 867 more words


Richtersveld Wildrun 2015 Day 3

Today the Wildrun lived up to expectations and really did become a wild run! The weather cleared, the winds dropped and the rain disappeared and we were all treated to a very special South African day. 509 more words