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Movie Reviews 344 – The Thing With Two Heads (1972)

Not to be confused with the The Incredible Two Headed Transplant which was released just a short time earlier, B movie studio American International’s release of The Thing With Two Heads is a 70’s oddity that hits all the right notes for a low budget film. 881 more words

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Bride of the American Werewolf

We’re going to see BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN at Filmhouse today, introduced by John Landis.

Landis has a nice ongoing relationship with Edinburgh — he was retrospected by Edinburgh International Film Festival, he shot parts of BURKE AND HARE here (here hare here) and now he’s a guest of Dead By Dawn, our long-running horror fest. 255 more words


Watch out for the ... Worms?: Squirm (1976)

As part of our “first week of spring” series, we’re travelling back to the 1970s to review another EcoHorror film. Director Jeff Lieberman earned some good will among slasher horror film fans with his hidden gem, … 589 more words

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Scum of the Universe -- Men in Black II, part 2

To convince the neuralyzed Kay that what he is saying is true, Jay shows Kay that most of the workers at the postal office are actually aliens. 1,750 more words

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Scum Of The Universe -- Men In Black II, part 1

Rick Baker and Cinovation Studio returned to design and give life to the creatures for Men In Black II, accompanied on the visual effects front by Industrial Light & Magic. 2,058 more words

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Scum Of The Universe -- Men In Black II, Serleena

Responsible for the design of Serleena’s various forms throughout Men In Black II were Rick Baker himself and ILM art director David Nakabayashi. “The trick,” recalled Nakabayashi, “was to give Serleena creature continuity, even though it would be seen in many different forms. 1,233 more words

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