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Anti-Union Front Group Hijacks Jackie Robinson

The hardtracking staff’s kissin’ cousins at Campaign Outsider have written extensively about Rick Berman, the corporate gunsel who sets up stealth non-profit groups to front for the liquor, fast-food, tobacco, and restaurant industries. 49 more words

rick berman, gun for hire, is attacking chipotle

Who is Richard Berman?

Richard “Rick” Berman is a longtime Washington, D.C. public relations specialist whose lobbying and consulting firm, Berman and Company, Inc., advocates for special interests and powerful industries. 50 more words

New Star Trek Series Just Rick Berman Streaming Box Sets From His Living Room

Star Trek fans were devastated this morning when it was revealed that the new Star Trek series due for release in 2017 is just former series producer Rick Berman beaming – sorry, streaming – box sets of the old series’ from his living room. 257 more words

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Wall Street Journal Suckered by Corporate Gunsel Rick Berman

This op-ed by Michael Saltsman ran in the Weekend Wall Street Journal.

Joe Biden and the $15 Question

Vice President Joe Biden joined New York Gov.

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Star Trek: the Wrath of Khan -- single drama review

Premièred by Paramount Pictures
Star Trek: the Wrath of Khan
Written by Jack B. Sowards

Is Star Trek II: the Wrath of Khan the best of the  1,741 more words

Alex Kurtzman

Star Trek: the Next Generation - the Best of Both Worlds -- double drama review

Premièred by Visual & Audio Communications Incorporated
Star Trek: the Next Generation - the Best of Both Worlds
Written by Michael Piller

Originally released as the season three finale and season four première, Star Trek: the Next Generation – the Best of Both Worlds was re-released cinematically as a feature-length single episode. 803 more words

Rick Berman