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Rick, Danke

Thanks, Rick. And Levon and Richard. Especially you, Garth. Fuck off, Robbie.

Also: playing this video will lead you down a rabbit hole of Americana-themed tunes written by a Canadian.

The Band - The Band (1969) Review

The Band

Levon Helm, Rick Danko, Garth Hudson, Richard Manuel, Robbie Robertson

The Band


The sophomore effort from The Band arrived on September 22, 1969. 507 more words


The Dynamic Professor Louie and the Crowmatix

By Christa T. O’Neill for Accordion Americana In the world of entertainment, the word “play” has been used, forever. As athletic games are played on fields and in arenas, music is similarly played on a live stage or in a recording studio.   1,368 more words


The Band's Rock of Ages

In the summer of 1972, The Band released a live album called Rock of Ages. In the liner notes of the album it stated it was “recorded at The Academy of Music, New York, on the eclipse of the New Year 1971 to 72.” I thought that was just a poetic way of saying the concert was recorded on New Year’s Eve. 1,672 more words


The Band

I guess the name couldn’t have been more prescient — THE band! IMHO this is the greatest band of all for many reasons as nicely set out in this documentary (yet another excellent installment to the… 128 more words


De teckel van Tolstoi

“Omdat ik geen baard draag, niet op sandalen loop en op geen enkele trendgevoelige etage van de Bijenkorf ooit een halsketting met een mystiek Indiaas ijzerwerkje heb gekocht, ben ik altijd een zekere drempelvrees voor protestacties blijven houden.” aldus Jan Blokker sr. 1,053 more words

We've All Gone Solo #2 (Rick Danko)

In a scene from “The Last Waltz” film, the Band’s bassist-vocalist Rick Danko sits at a studio mixing board with director Martin Scorsese and plays back a track he’s been working on for his upcoming solo album. 432 more words

Rock On Record