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Stand By Me

Season 3 Episode 10 “Home”

The Episode

With the threat of a retaliatory attack from The Governor, our friends are struggling to keep it together. Daryl and Merle are finding it hard to pick up where they left off. 1,029 more words


Two Kings

Season 3 Episode 9 “The Suicide King”

The Episode

In a deck of cards, the king of hearts is known as The Suicide King because the traditional image is one of the king with his throat slit appearing to have done it himself. 910 more words


Walking Dead set photos emerge

Photos from the set of AMC’s zombie drama The Walking Dead have been making their way around social media. The show is currently in the early stages of filming its ninth season and from the looks of things, Rick and company are going low-tech. 113 more words

Zombie Television

The Impression That I Get

Season 3 Episode 8 “Made to Suffer”

The Episode

Some of my favorite episodes are the clashes between groups. New people meeting for the first time or an attack between our Atlanta group and others. 963 more words


Guns, Rations, Rigs and the Undead - Chap 4

Two days passed without incident. No sign of Patty or the white and gold jumpsuit. As far as he could tell the Sheriff couldn’t do anything without a body or the perpetrator, and Doug couldn’t answer Lincoln about the color of Burt’s eyes. 3,558 more words

Guns, Rations, Rigs & The Undead - First 4 Chaps

The Walking Dead: Season 8 (2017-2018)

Plot: Everyone at Alexandria Safe-Zone, the Hilltop, the Kingdom, and eventually the Scavengers go to war with Negan but who will make it out alive? 392 more words


Ups and Downs

Season 3 Episode 6 “Hounded”

The Episode

A lot of characters get attention this episode with a variety of experiences. Rick is still losing his mind, Daryl faces a big fear, Glenn and Maggie run into trouble, Andrea gets laid and Michonne and Merle tangle as we watch our two groups intertwine together. 1,049 more words