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The Death of the Walking Dead?

I fell in love with the Walking Dead when it came out back in 2010.  I had read the comic book and while it wasn’t my favorite series, it was intriguing enough for me to check the television adaption out and I was glad I did.  656 more words


The Rise and Fall of Rick Grimes

Following the gruesome return of The Walking Dead on Sunday, we witnessed our once-mighty leader be reduced to a quivering mess at the hands of Negan. 619 more words


Top TV Picks // The Walking Dead Returns

(This is a spoiler free review, though you read at your own discretion)

This weekend saw the return of AMC’s The Walking Dead as fans were eager to find out the answer to Season 6’s cliffhanger, which left the fate of several characters in the hands of the latest villain, Negan. 243 more words


TWD: "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be" thoughts

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first…

Most of what happened this episode SHOULD have happened to end last season.

The “cliffhanger” was bullshit and Scott Gimple needs to check himself before he wrecks the show. 882 more words


The Walking Dead Power Rankings: S7 E1 "Right Hand Man"

Each week, we give every episode at least 24 hours to breathe…and for you to get caught up. After that, you’re clicking at your own risk. 2,048 more words


Viewer's Cut: Walking away from The Walking Dead

Some spoilers might be included.

The Walking Dead season 7 started last Sunday with “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”. There will be a day that violence won’t matter, but this is not the day. 563 more words

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