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The Walking Dead: Who didn't get the bat?

Earlier this year The Walking Dead’s season 6 finale kicked up a storm with a cliffhanger ending. We had all been waiting with great anticipation for the next big, bad guy Negan to be introduced into the show and when he finally arrived in the last ten minutes or so of the finale, he made his first kill. 1,909 more words


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Fear the Walking Dead S02 E07: Shiva

On last week’s episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” we witnessed the attack of the Zombie Altar boys and we watched as Strand’s lover, Thomas, dies from a walker bite. 978 more words


Good Things on Tumblr

It seems that the only time I mention anything on Tumblr its almost always some kind of racial takedown or dragging or bad news. Well, this post is going to celebrate all the positive stuff  I’ve seen on Tumblr. 1,367 more words