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The Walking Dead: Emotional Video Showcases The Transformation Of Rick Grimes

From comicbook.com – Rick Grimes has come a long way on The Walking Dead. As much is brilliantly evidenced in the fan-made video above.The video from YouTube user InfiniteX begins with the earliest scenes of the popular AMC series, seeing Rick trying to rescue a little girl he discovered to be a zombie, which was a […]


The Walking Dead Season 4 overview: No Sanctuary Part II-Too far gone

Rick’s stable community at the prison has started to fall apart-somebody inside is tempting the Walkers on the outside (a weakening of the fence forces Rick to sacrifice his farm as a result to lure the walkers out), Carol has been exiled, and a new sickness has claimed part of the prison community, spawning walkers when the affected die, and separating others-including newlyweds Glenn and Maggie. 469 more words

The Waking Dead Season 8 Teaser!

So, last week right before the weekend started, actually on Friday as the weekend started I was surprised to see the new Waking Dead Season 8 teaser, and I can say that I was excited to see it. 315 more words

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The Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer #1 *From Comic Con 2017*

I have fallen off The Walking Dead myself with all of the other shows out there, the zombie drama that never ends has gotten stale.  That being said, there are still hordes of you who haven’t so when Comic Con drops a five-minute trailer for the show’s upcoming eighth season, far be it from me to pass it along to the Deadheads.   38 more words


You Picked A Fine Time to Hit Me, Lucille

THE LATE GEORGE A. ROMERO, father of the modern movie zombie, crushed the souls of The Walking Dead fans when he declared his not-fondness for the show, stating that… 1,983 more words

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welcome to me freaking out about 'the walking dead' #7

Okay, I’m officially the worst blogger in the history of ever. This isn’t news. I don’t even have an excuse.

All I have to say about season 7B is holy crap. 27 more words


The world IS a treat… When you’re on Easy Street

SOMETIMES IT’S DIFFICULT to participate in a fandom.

Fandoms aren’t like normal people who merely watch a TV show.

…. Or read a book. Or go out and see a movie. 1,291 more words