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Review: The Walking Dead: Road to Survival (April 27, 2017)

Over the past four days, I have been playing The Walking Dead: Road to Survival game on my iPad Pro.  It’s fun and engaging because I get to use familiar characters like Rick Grimes, Negan, Tyreese, Nicholas, and Dr. 329 more words


The Walking Dead: Into the Mouth of Madness (A look at the conflict in season 3) *spoilers*

This article series will attempt to explore to compare and contrast the protagonist and antagonists of the Walking Dead season 3. I’m fairly new to this series so bear with me if I’ve got some things wrong. 981 more words


Am I the only one that has invested way to much time on this show?!

But as much as I try or say I will stop watching I always end up on the edge of my seat, covering my eyes, every October. 273 more words


The Walking Dead: Season 7 Review

I was waiting for the season finale to write a review for this season, as I wasn’t here for every episode. There were a few I  liked but I didn’t want to give my opinions about them until I saw how things would play out. 2,621 more words


Great TV Shows That Never Were: The Walking Bed

The Walking Dead is a popular TV series (by “popular” we mean it’s been, like, a global phenomenon, you know) which has made characters such as Rick and Daryl, with their special bromance, icons in the gay community. 764 more words