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Ghostbusters (2016)

It’s got no balls. Now listen, before you completely misunderstand, I was rooting for these ladies. Hard. But Paul Feig’s direction, along with his co-screenwriter Katie Dippold, completely lets this talented cast down. 377 more words


Birthday Drinkalong: Little Shop of Horrors

Jessi started coming to drinkalongs a few months ago for MT’s birthday, and since then has made it as often as she’s able (she’s got three littlies and is basically a supermom, so I don’t hold it against her). 90 more words


Day 53: TBT / Own the Moment - Ellen Greene and Rick Moranis (1986)

In this scene from Little Shop of Horrors, Ellen Greene and Rick Moranis’ earnest portrayal of two endearingly awkward, emotionally damaged characters defies traditional romantic conventions to create a moment of vulnerability, sincerity, and acceptance between Seymour and Audrey, reminding everyone that pretty, perfect people aren’t the only ones who deserve to love – or to be loved.


Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

“I find a little giggle-gas before I begin increases my pleasure enormously.”

—Orin Scrivello, D.D.S.


14 Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Honey, I Shrunk The Kids (1989)

Credit: ImagesOfNetwork

As the article’s title suggests, here are 14 behind-the-scenes photos from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989) – featuring director Joe Johnston & incredible SFX crew – see gallery below. 32 more words


"The Flintstones Is The Greatest Film America Has Ever Produced" - Jeremy Moran, Age 7

Is there a better film than the 1994 reboot of The Flintstones? Of course there is. But try telling that to me at age seven. 845 more words

Please Plan Accordingly For This Week in Crazy Town

The traffic light at First and Hobart will turn green for thirty seconds this Monday at 10:34 a.m. It will then revert to red for the remainder of the decade. 318 more words