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Monday Movie Mentions #10...

Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

There aren’t many musicals that I enjoy, as it’s not a genre that usually speaks to me, but this is one of the few that I can always make time for. 219 more words


5 Ways Strange Brew Predicted the Future

Take off, you hosers! I recently caught a screening of Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas’ 1983 cult classic Strange Brew as part of Quad Cinemas’ “Cool Movies” series in NYC, and I was surprised how well its surrealist humor held up — and how eerily prescient it was. 311 more words


My Life in Horror 1986 - Little Shop of Horrors

So now I move on to 1986 with the voted for reviews as I cover two films from every year that I’ve existed for. The 1986 winners were two films I remember loving as a youngster The Fly which I’ll most likely review early next week because of it’s gore obviously and this Little Shop of Horrors because it was damn fun. 1,007 more words

Bob & Doug McKenzie - Great White North - Album Spotlight

Bob & Doug McKenzie are a pair of Canadian Brothers who do nothing but drink, say Eh! and Hoser! constantly and are the epitome of every Canadian Stereotype.   589 more words

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Today's Theme Song

I was going to do some Rush today, but my head streamed some other stuff. Geddy Lee did make it as part of the new sound in my head. 180 more words

On June 23 Disney's "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" was released...

On June 23, 1989 25 years ago, Disney released “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.” The science-fiction family film focused on an inventor who accidentally shrunk both his kids, and his neighbor’s, using a shrinking ray. 73 more words


The Tom Cruise Connection, How You Can Buy Dark Helmet's Helmet, And Other 'Spaceballs' Facts

Since it was released 30 years ago, director Mel Brooks‘ send-up of the classic Star Wars trilogy, Spaceballs, has become a beloved classic in its own right. 1,437 more words