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STRANGE BREW (1983) - Bob & Doug McKenzie for the big screen

There’s no way you can describe the vibe of “SCTV” (TV series, 1977-84) to anyone who wasn’t in on it to start with. It’s like trying to describe how you felt when you saw the original cast of “Saturday Night Live.” 334 more words


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Ghost Busters II (1989)

Director: Ivan Reitman

Writer: Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis (Screenplay)

Starring: Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Harold Ramis, Rick Moranis, Ernie Hudson, Annie Potts, Peter MacNicol, Harris Yulin… 852 more words

Bronze Star

Home Video Gems: Little Shop of Horrors Director's Cut Review

I do a lot of reviews of movies that are in theatres, but sometimes I just like to sit back, relax and enjoy something from the comfort of my own home. 1,026 more words

Club Paradise (1986)

By Richard Winters

My Rating: 3 out of 10

4-Word Review: Life on the beach.

When firemen Jack Moniker (Robin Williams) is able to collect a large insurance settlement after being injured while on the job he decides to retire and move to Jamaica. 430 more words


Now Fear This: Streets of Fire

As Adam Sandler and Ernest Cline have proven, empty fetishization of ‘80s pop culture is big business. In the rush to embrace this largely imaginary, big-haired, neon-soaked, synth-popped, and pixellated ideal, what tends to be forgotten is one of the defining features of the decade: … 1,291 more words

Projected Pixels And Emulsion

The GhostBusters are on call for more Ghostly Thrills...

Hey everybody, my apologies for not having posted any reviews of movies from the 80’s in quite a while. However, the good news is that I’m back, and with several movies under my belt. 523 more words

The Eighties