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Ghostbusters (1984)

The three leads make up a fun team to root for, and the ghost-hunting concept is enjoyable, but the film as a whole never really screamed for my attention, with only mediocre action, a lackluster plot, and scattered humour. 36 more words

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A Pop-Culture Treasure But An Underwhelming Feature: Ghostbusters

A film that I cannot understand that has stood the test of time and penetrated the competitive world of pop-culture, standing alongside such masterpieces like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Superman, Jaws; I apologise for the John Williams connection in my examples, they were the first films that came to mind. 778 more words

Janet Jackson not 'missing' (but where are these other once-hot stars?)

TORONTO — A Janet Jackson fan who circulated a “Missing” poster for the pop star managed to get a response.

“Too funny, too sweet,” Jackson tweeted on April 17 — her first tweet since December. 899 more words


Jake Gyllenhaal Will Make His Musical Debut In 'Little Shop Of Horrors'

Who knew Jake Gyllenhaal had some mean pipes on him? The actor, whose transformation for the upcoming Eminem-less film Southpaw is quite startling, will make another one for the role of Seymour in this summer’s concert revival of the movie-turned-musical-turned-movie. 142 more words


Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 29, Ghostbusters

In which, Andrew, Tracy, and Kyle White spend an afternoon watching the original Ghostbusters and then chat about why the movie is the “perfect comedy.”  We also discuss where Harold Ramis took his acting inspiration, why the special effects have held up so well, over thirty years later, and how Sigourney Weaver is especially hot in dark eye makeup and big hair. 32 more words