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The following narrative is another excellent case study as to how the republican Donald Trump and his administration formulates policies based on what is in their own best interests and/ or those of their high falutin donors, and the heck with what is best for the American peoples. 1,534 more words

Republican Party

Triaging the World

“Fossil fuels help prevent sexual assault.”

Supposedly. According to the US Energy Secretary, and long time Texan Governor, Rick Perry.

The Texan had been on a visit in South Africa, and retold the story of a woman describing the sense of danger as soon as the lights were turned off, due to energy shortages. 585 more words

Sebastian Lindberg

Sexual Violence in Africa, Climate Change, and the U.S. Secretary of Energy

U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry is fending off criticism for comments he made about the relationship between fossil fuels and sexual violence against African women. 1,441 more words


Rick Perry under fire for suggestion fossil fuels can reduce sexual assault

US energy secretary faces criticism from Sierra Club after describing girl who told him about the importance of energy in African village

The US energy secretary, … 480 more words


The White House's new climate-change report directly conflicts Trump's stance

The US published a much-anticipated report on climate change Friday (Nov. 3), coauthored by 13 federal agencies, that unequivocally confirms three conclusions:

  1. We are living in the warmest period in modern civilization…
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Follow the logic if you can

U.S. Energy Secretary Rick “Oops” Perry has made a curious leap between fossil fuel development and consumption and sexual abuse.

I’m trying to connect the dots. 338 more words