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Google Keep - Keeps Getting Better

Recently I posted an article , that gave you some insight about Google Keep and how it has become one of my favorite apps. If you do not know about Google Keep I encourage you to read the article. 197 more words


How To Get Microsoft Office For FREE?

Believe it or not you will soon be able to get and use Microsoft Office for FREE; but, there is a catch (as if you didn’t know). 109 more words


A Bluetooth Speaker For Under $30 That Has Me Sold

To compliment my Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Tablet, I went on the hunt for a bluetooth speaker. Never having owned a bluetooth speaker, I soon found that there are so many different models and types of these speakers to the point that you can easily get lost in the hunt. 379 more words

Whats On My PC

Windows 10 Non-Genuine Pirate Upgrades Will Remain Non-Genuine

If you are running a pirated version of Windows 7 and you were thinking you would be able to get a FREE version of Windows 10 when it is released… 111 more words


Best Sellers In Desktop Computers (at Amazon for March 20, 2015)

If you are looking for a computer, a great place to start is at Amazon’s Best Sellers in Desktop Computers. I often visit their best sellers section to get a good feel as to what is most popular. 456 more words


How Can I Upgrade To Windows 10 For FREE?

In the coming months, when Windows 10 is released to the general public, you may be wondering what the upgrade path will be (in order to get it FREE)… 155 more words


OneDrive Users Should Soon See A “Music” Folder Where You Can Stash MP3's

Everyday I am seeing a Microsoft that is finally understanding the concept of cloud computing and the importance to be a real competitor instead of trying to be the master. 94 more words