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"Enemy Number One For The Republican Party": CNBC Created The Tea Party. Now The Right Wants To Destroy The Network

After Wednesday’s debacle of a debate, CNBC is now the most-hated cable network among conservatives. The fury has grown so intense that on Friday the Republican National Committee… 394 more words


CNBC Created the Tea Party. Now the Right Wants to Destroy the Network


The business network has become enemy number one for the Republican Party, but one of its star reporters is often credited with launching the Tea Party movement six years ago. 424 more words
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Editor’s Note: A bit of a language warning – but a worthy message…

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Notes From Underground: Wishing Everyone a Very Festive Holiday Season

TO MY READERS: This is the festival of lights in which the bright lights of the menorah and the festive lights of Christmas Trees and ornaments seek to brighten the day when darkness envelopes the world. 574 more words


Fireworks Fly As Peter Schiff Warns "An Economy That Lives By QE, Dies By QE"

Fireworks Fly As Peter Schiff Warns “An Economy That Lives By QE, Dies By QE”

Submitted by Tyler Durden
on 10/28/2014 – 17:35

Ahead of tomorrow’s decision by the FOMC, Peter Schiff ventured on to CNBC to discuss the economy, the fed, and gold… among other things. 259 more words


"The Inflation Cult": The Broad Appeal Of Prophets Whose Prophecies Keep Failing

Wish I’d said that! Earlier this week, Jesse Eisinger of ProPublica, writing on The Times’s DealBook blog, compared people who keep predicting runaway inflation to “true believers whose faith in a predicted apocalypse persists even after it fails to materialize.” Indeed. 773 more words