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Governor Rick Snyder is the Guilty Man in Flint: But Will He ever be Charged?

State prosecutors in Michigan filed six more charges against government workers today for the contamination of Flint’s water system. This is typical; a Republican politician is ‘passing the buck’ to his subordinates. 454 more words

Snyder Asks For Flag-Lowering To Honor Baton Rouge Officers

LANSING (AP) – Gov. Rick Snyder is asking that U.S. flags flying across Michigan be lowered to half-staff to honor three police officers killed in Baton Rouge. 135 more words


Milania Trump, trumps divisiveness at the Republican National Convention

Milania Trump, trumps divisiveness at the Republican National Convention

The fact that Milania Trump had to spell out that they are going to be inclusive of Latinos Jews, Blacks and Muslims shows just how much Republicans think of themselves as “other.” Our country is very diverse and has been so for decades. 87 more words


Snyder Declares State Of Disaster In Upper Peninsula County

IRONWOOD, Mich. (AP) — Gov. Rick Snyder has declared a state of disaster for Gogebic County in Michigan’s western Upper Peninsula after a tornado and flooding caused significant damage. 116 more words


Former BP Executive Appointed to Direct Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

In another egregious set up against the natural world, Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder has appointed former BP America Executive Heidi Grether to be the next director of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ). 549 more words

No Solution for Flint’s Water Crisis as More Money Spent on Investigation

A ‘State Administrative Board’ in Michigan, has granted an additional 3.4 million dollars to the investigation of Flint’s water disaster. This brings the total to 4.9 million; and nothing has been done to alleviate this serious problem. 338 more words

Cui bono: how did Berrien County, Michigan hit the headlines?

Horse race reportage, part umpteen. Special Edition: Not Election Coverage

I first spotted this tragic news at BBC, when there wasn’t yet anything world newsworthy about it, even from their own coverage perspective. 811 more words

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