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Video: Let Me Level With You About Vitamin D and Breastfeeding

I’ve often felt like much of the public health information parents get is filtered. When I was first advised about vitamin D supplementation for newborns, our son’s doctor at the NICU said that because our baby was exclusively breastfed he would get rickets if he wasn’t supplemented. 116 more words

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Have you heard of the window Tax?

Windows! Yep! The window tax was a property tax based on the number of windows in a house. It was a significant social, cultural, and architectural force in England, France, Ireland and Scotland during the 18th and 19th centuries. 329 more words

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Smorgasbord Health 2017 - Top to Toe - The Incredible structure that keeps us upright.

Unless we break a bone or crack one, we tend to take our skeleton for granted.  As we get older we can also experience problems within the structure particularly in the joints that limit our mobility and provide an excuse for not doing quite as much exercise as we should! 1,824 more words

It Is A Wonderful Life.

Meet my friend Ricky, a Rickets Survivor

Hi everyone, my name is Ricky and if you don’t know I have Rickets.  I just want to thank you all for coming out to my Rickets Charity Benefit.   233 more words

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps the body absorb the calcium it gets as calcium is one of the main building blocks of your bones.

A lack of vitamin D deficiency can lead to bone diseases such as osteoporosis or rickets. 122 more words


Vital vitamin D during pregnancy

More than 8 in 10 pregnant women in India have low levels of Vitamin D putting them as well as the offspring at serious health risks. 319 more words

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