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Props, Costume, Budget


Scene 1

  • A cigarette (lit)

Scene 5

  • Mirror (preferably broken) on a black wall
  • Table (can be the same as in other scenes)
  • All kinds of make-up to fill the table with…
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Research & Planning A2

Storyboard Development

The following link can direct you towards a verbal account of my storyboard’s explanation: https://voicethread.com/share/7311931/

The following are the drawings I made to illustrate my plan of action: 96 more words

Research & Planning A2

Music Video Structure and Message

I have been thinking of an idea for a while now, and I can officially say that I found one. The story cannot be said to have a clear plot, seeing as the video is rather conceptual. 378 more words

Research & Planning A2

Come Home Free

Hello fellow XLH-ers!

As a follow up to my September post, the book that I co-wrote, “Come Home Free,” by Hunter Crainshaw, is ON SALE today and tomorrow for .99, Kindle Edition only. 157 more words

X-linked Hypophosphatemia

Character Choice

In my attempts to find a suitable actress for the music video, I stumbled upon a friend of mine (Ruxandra B. aka Ruxi). I had already established that the main and sole (important) character of the music video would be a female. 375 more words

Research & Planning A2


First of all in order to understand my guiding actions, I believe it is important to know what the song I intend to make a music video for is about. 458 more words

Research & Planning A2

No More Daylight Savings Means You Need More Vitamin D !

November 1st marks the end to Daylight Savings Time for 2015, thank God we have Sunday to adjust before Monday! What does that mean for our Vitamin D stores? 381 more words

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