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Part 1: Vitamin D; D for Deficiency

Winter season has arrived. Bringing with it the cold weather and very few hours of much-needed sunshine. Winter is also credited with the sharp increase of influenza cases among children and adults. 1,183 more words

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The Sunshine Vitamin- How Much Do You Know?

From the rising of the sun to its going down, the Lord’s name is to be praised.” Psalm 113:3

What is it?

Vitamin D is affectionately known as the “sunshine” vitamin. 1,557 more words

Mineral of the Week - Calcium - The reasons for varying degrees of deficiency.

In the western world complete nutritional deficiency is rare in those who have a reasonable diet but certain nutrients can become deficient as we age due to poor absorption, loss of protective hormones, serial dieting and normal reduction in efficiency of our digestive system. 1,440 more words

Smorgasbord Invitation Health And Nutrition

The English Disease: The Health Education Film as Nazi Propaganda

By Michael Sappol

Deformed unfortunates trudge back and forth, in a darkly-lit procession, over a map of Great Britain as the soundtrack sounds anxious notes of alarm. 334 more words


Final Version of "Rickets"

This is the final version of the music video: 

Aside from uploading it on Youtube, I have posted it on Reddit (in the “deftones” subreddit category). 267 more words


First Edit of "Rickets"

“Making of” pictures:

Explanation of music video –

I have created a non-final version of “Rickets”: https://youtu.be/FAfV1tyY0HA. I had too much raw footage, and thanks to this, I succeeded in following the planned narrative. 683 more words