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Seeing myself for a moment as a tiny, quaking little steam engine. Coffee, sugar! What do I have to do now, always productive, always pushing. I see myself emanating this orange glow, radiating and rippling waves of heat like the Los Angeles pavement in summer. 423 more words


Canada: Rickets on the rise for aboriginal children in the North

Doctor says public health’s efforts to stop resurgence ‘abysmal failure’

By CBC News

Rates of rickets continue to rise among aboriginal children in the North, a trend that has researchers increasingly concerned. 265 more words


A Diagnosis

When our family arrived at Beaumont Hospital, the physicians were puzzled. They weren’t sure what happened to our baby, they could only remark how beautiful she is (which you know she is totally gorgeous). 609 more words


Yes, of course my Dickens challenge requires accessories!

Since I decided to follow Lucy’s lead and do the Dickens challenge, I wondered if I could mark it in some special way. I’m a bit of a sucker for accessories and accoutrements. 74 more words


Playlist 9/27/14

Groovie Ghoulies-     Satisfy Me

Donnas-     Gimme My Radio

Lillingtons-     War Of The Worlds

Nervebreakers-     I Love Your Neurosis

Rusty Curtains-     Jesus Jayki

Briefs-     Normal Jerks… 160 more words

Babies need vitamin D

Osteomalacia, also known as “rickets,”  is bone weakness resulting from Vitamin D deficiency.  We now know that breastfed babies and formula fed babies need Vitamin D supplementation.  115 more words

54 - 'Knock-Knee and Bow-Legs': Rickets Guarantee Form

Rickets is a condition which causes bones to become soft and weak.  Deformities such as bowed legs often result.  Although rarely seen today, rickets was commonplace in nineteenth and early twentieth-century Ancoats.  324 more words