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Wesley is an adorable little boy from China who is waiting for a family. Wesley was born in 2013 and he has mild Cerebral Palsy and encephalodysphasia rickets.

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Teeth: they remember everything

A person’s teeth can say a lot about them. Scientists from McMaster University studied teeth from human remains in Quebec and France to verify if these teeth had the same mineral content and formation patterns as modern dentition, according to a paper published in the… 260 more words


Vitamin D: A Developing Story

Ten years ago, it is unlikely that vitamin D was on your list of things to worry about.  Now you probably know someone who is vitamin D – deficient and taking a vitamin pill every day – or at least during the winter months when the sun is low in the sky. 1,133 more words


8 Things You Should Know About Vitamin D

  • Although its name may indicate so, Vitamin D is NOT a VITAMIN! By definition vitamins are essential compounds that cannot be synthesised by the body and must be obtained in the diet.
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God, Don't Let Bessie Die! (1930s Memoir)

Daddy came in to supper, worried to death.  Bessie, our cow had had a calf and had “got down.”  This was a catastrophe. “Getting down” meant certain death for the cow and a disaster for us. 889 more words


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Disaster strikes when the cow gets down.

Vitamin D deficiency

So glad conventional science has caught up with functional medicine. Research in 2010 in America by Hewson et al showed that 75% of the white USA population suffered from a v… 304 more words

JBJS Classics: Blount Disease by Another Name

OrthoBuzz regularly brings you a current commentary on a “classic” article from The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery. These articles have been selected by the Editor-in-Chief and Deputy Editors of… 543 more words