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Show Tyme "Come On Home To Me" Featured on Rickey Smiley Morning Show

Show Tyme’s new video was featured on over 10 Radio One station websites with over 10 million unique views per week due to Stratus Digital Music Marketing’s pitch efforts.

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Prank Call: Restaurant Swears Woman Put Roaches In Her Chicken [EXCLUSIVE]

In this hilarious Prank Call, Roy Wood Jr. pretends to a call a woman from a restaurant that she recently filed a complaint at. She says she found roaches in her food, but Roy Wood Jr. 218 more words

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Why Gary With Da Tea Is Offended By Chadwick Boseman's Behavior [EXCLUSIVE]

Chadwick Boseman‘s already solid career has heated all the way up after “Black Panther” has taken over box offices worldwide. As he has been spotted out and about since, tabloids have romantically linked him to actresses left and right. 224 more words

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Ms. Pat Encourages Women To Hang In There Until Tax Checks Come [EXCLUSIVE]

For this Praise Break, Ms. Pat had some words of wisdom for all the women out there dealing with trifling men. Hang in there, she encourages, noting that very soon, their tax checks will arrive and make everything better. 220 more words

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Quantasia Sharpton's Herpes Case Against Usher Has Crumbled In Court [EXCLUSIVE]

Last year, a young woman by the name of Quantasia Sharpton almost completely shattered the image of beloved R&B crooner Usher. She, along with other women who popped up here and there, accused him of knowingly infecting women with herpes. 249 more words

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Joke Of The Day: The Super Hero With A Lisp [EXCLUSIVE]

In this Joke Of The Day, Rock-T asks, what do you call a Super Hero with a lisp? Click on the audio player to hear more in this exclusive clip from “ 174 more words

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