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Derek Jeter rickrolls the world in first 'Players' Tribune' mailbag post

On Thursday, Derek Jeter introduced a new mailbag feature at The Players’ Tribune, the website he founded to allow athletes a direct means of communication with fans. 160 more words


An Open Letter to Dave Grohl

Dear Dave Grohl:

I know late summer is a tough time for you. There aren’t many awards shows in August for you to appear on, and the Polka Hall of Fame’s… 988 more words

#Trending: Dave Grohl And The Foo Fighters Rickroll Westboro Baptist Church

There is no love lost between the Westboro Baptist Church and… well… anyone, really.

But for some reason, the hate group really doesn’t like the… 178 more words


Viral Video: Foo Fighters RickRoll Westboro Baptist Church

The Foo Fighters “RickRolled” the Westboro Baptist Church while driving past them in a pickup truck!

The hateful Westboro Baptist Church protested Friday’s Foo fighters concert in Kansas City, and the band responded by “RickRolling” them. 24 more words


Procrastinate. Now.

No-one who regularly produces something creative will be able to do it consistently without some kind of block happening once in a while. No matter whether you write, paint or create music, at some point you’ll be sitting there with your pen/brush/guitar in hand wondering what you’re going to do and getting absolutely… 704 more words


A Fifth of Jack: Misheard or Rickrolled Lyrics

Let’s talk misheard lyrics.  When I was in middle school, Rick Astley​ had a big hit record with Never Gonna Give You Up.  Anyone who’s ever been… 223 more words