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Blog Takeover: Giovanni Valentino

On April Fool’s day, Alternate Hilarities V: One Star Reviews of the Afterlife (a collection which includes my flash fiction piece “Bad Vibrations”) hit the interwebs, and the publication’s editor, Giovanni Valentino, was likely chuckling for a couple reasons. 827 more words

The Writer's Block

even my interruptions have interruptions!

Thank you for messaging me on Slack.

Your interruption is important to me. Please continue to wait.

Your interruption will be answered in the order in which it was received. 56 more words

My Life

"Dank Meam" - ¿Que Pesa? (What is)

Reslenty, our ‘aparent’ newsier, NewsLuch, runned a story which were call: “Howsl’ll to Staying Kewl in the Interwebs”. To expans, we are going into the depths. 483 more words


Deal 571: Makes you want to give it up

FF 27: Music, Impulsiveness, balm, Knowledge

The music wouldn’t stop, no matter what Helen did, where she went, who she begged for help. The same piece of music, in different styles, different instruments, different forms. 320 more words

Daily Deal

Facebook Wants to Be Cooler Than the Dictionary

It’s hard to keep up when you don’t understand the latest terms. But Facebook is developing a new technology that could learn new slang and buzzwords from the coolest of the cool kids: Facebook users. 24 more words


Someone is Rickrolling people using fake parking tickets

Citizen, don’t try to tell me that you’re innocent of violating North Carolina statutes pertaining to never giving someone up, never letting them down, never running around nor deserting them, because clearly you’ve been issued a valid citation with an official QR code that leads you to…. 359 more words


Deal 500: Bearrolled

The eerie music continued long past what should have been reasonable, long enough to make everyone in the party nervous as they explored further into the murky depths of the old abandoned mansion. 65 more words

Daily Deal