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INDIA, "Your Karma ran over my Dogma"


Getting to the plane was stressful and panic-stricken, a little precursor to what our trip to India was going to endure. Got to Heathrow by way of the wrong bus that kept circling the airport, then got dropped at the wrong terminal. 4,474 more words


The tuk tuks of Dongola

The custom, auto-rickshaw scene in Sudan

In a short space of time, cheap, Asian imports have transformed many aspects of life for Africans: mobile phones are now within reach of the relatively poor, opening up communication in what has always been an oral culture that values the spoken word over the written one; Chinese motorbikes have created jobs for two-wheeled taxi drivers and increased access for individuals in more remote places that you might have had to wait a week to find enough passengers for a car. 248 more words


Colorful rides

Though the rickshaw (pedicab) is a common sight on Indian roads, the humble transport gets decked up pretty well for the Chandigarh Carnival. College students go crazy on papier mache – the results are thre for you to see. 32 more words


Storms form part of coastal community life

Photos by Mic Smith.

During last nights storm the Burleigh baths and beachside restaurant was inundated by the highseas.

The damage was severe. High winds had whipped up the seas and uprooted trees. 180 more words

Gold Coast Wild And Marine Life

Top Seven Hints for Travel to India

Jungle Book, an animated movie based on the stories of Rudyard Kipling, the Taj Majal, and Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi are all Indian icons renowned throughout the world. 950 more words

Travel - The Journey Begins

Agra's Pristine Air

AGRA, India — The lack of Bajaj taxis around the Taj Mahal made for .much more pleasant surroundings.

Not only did I avoid contact with exhaust from a single-stroke engine, but the skull-rattling acceleration was thankfully absent. 24 more words


Thus, Auto.

I thought I was done with auto rickshawalas.

But work brought me to Malad to remind me that rickshawalas still exist and the world is still unfair. 588 more words