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India: a word that summarizes a world of multiple sensations. I have been back home in Italy for a while now and I am still wondering how to describe it. 5,770 more words

While I move on

This photograph was taken at Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha and also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Lumbini, located at the plains of Terai in Nepal, is one of the main attractions for tourists intrigued with Buddha and Buddhism. 16 more words


The Staycation

I’m all about stepping/driving/rickshaw-ing outside your comfort zone and exploring uncharted territory, but sometimes you just have to settle with a staycation. Ah, the staycation. A vacation at home for those who most likely maxed out their credit card on a rickshaw experience in a foreign country. 197 more words


Mom, Pop and the Twins!

This lovely picture was taken on the grounds of the Golden Temple in Amritsar. Notice the orange triangular head scares that are mandatory for entrance.   But let me tell you the back story. 132 more words

what goes around,comes around.

My Darling,

Let me get this straight.Once upon a time, we used to walk around together, on a wide red rose covered, romantic path. Soon we were walking on a frail line. 182 more words


Asia is the land of rickshaws – from the original human pulled transport to the popular three wheeled pedicab and the noisy motorized tuk tuk or bajaj. 430 more words


Letters from the past: Jaipur

As I continue reading my old letters, I’ve arrived in Jaipur. I remember much of the visit to the Amer Palace, eleven kilometres from the pink city. 143 more words