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This Week On Triogenius: How To Get There

It’s Spring Break for ARCC students: How many ways can you travel?? Read more: http://triogenius.blogspot.com/


The Perils of Covent Garden

I live in London’s trendy East End, surrounded by girls with skin heads and tramps that know me by name (Erol, I’m looking at you!)(Erol I’m still looking at you, if you’re reading this, give that lady her phone back), but unfortunately I work in quite possibly the worst area of London for a Londoner to find themselves in…….. 766 more words


On The Move with Mishra Ji, Taxi Driver, Mumbai

“Hum to Mishra hain. Hari Shankar Mishra. Zyada tar log hume Pandit Ji keh kar bulate hain. Kisi ne ek baar naam bula diya… 518 more words

The Memoir Project


Everything changes.
Including plans.
We were to do the ‘travel coordinator- planned’ tour of Old Delhi which looked like this:

*Old Delhi Rickshaw Tour – Customized… 1,440 more words

Dumb Drunk & Racist

Welcome, namaste, don't go outside alone; Delhi metro, auto-rickshaws and my first night in India.

Having acquired a few small notes in currency in the airport, I follow the surprisingly useful yellow signs from the exit at Indira Gandhi Airport to the metro line. 1,439 more words


Trip to India 2016 (2) - Mumbai

I took these in the new terminal at Mumbai Airport. Superb pieces of art.

There was a wedding taking place in the hotel, and I decided to crash and take a few pictures. 7 more words


Hard Work - a photographic essay

Poor people in India work hard. Manual labour is cheap. Here are some photographs of men carrying loads on their heads, pushing and pulling handcarts, straining to pedal their human and inanimate loads. 196 more words