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Top Seven Hints for Travel to India

Jungle Book, an animated movie based on the stories of Rudyard Kipling, the Taj Majal, and Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi are all Indian icons renowned throughout the world. 950 more words

Travel - The Journey Begins

Agra's Pristine Air

AGRA, India — The lack of Bajaj taxis around the Taj Mahal made for .much more pleasant surroundings.

Not only did I avoid contact with exhaust from a single-stroke engine, but the skull-rattling acceleration was thankfully absent. 24 more words


Thus, Auto.

I thought I was done with auto rickshawalas.

But work brought me to Malad to remind me that rickshawalas still exist and the world is still unfair. 589 more words


Transportation woes linger in the Holy City

Getting from point A to point B in Charleston is not as easy as it used to be.

Transportation is a crucial part of everyone’s lives. 321 more words


A Little R&R in Kathmandu

KATHMANDU, Nepal — Once back on the now-familiar streets of Kathmandu, I found myself able to navigate more or less like a native — as long as I didn’t wander far from the tourist enclave of Thamel. 56 more words


Last of the rickshawallahs

Unsure about his age, Abdul Monan says he is around 45 or 48.

Grey-haired and bearded, the cycle-rickshaw puller’s appearance belies his assumed age. He is among the last lot of surviving cycle rickshaw-pullers in Arunachal Pradesh’s capital. 417 more words

Arunachal Pradesh

Ebay..... you temptress!

Ebay is evil, really evil, it tempts you at every view….. it is an evil temptress!

………….or i have no will power!

Finding a “bid sniper” at least means that i am no longer bidding more than i should!, but also means that i place bids that i forget about! 83 more words