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Hello World!

Yes, it is me. I know I do not use many Hindi words in my post because it’s general knowledge that my Hindi is not great. 998 more words


A Rickshaw Puller in Kolkata

KOLKATA, India — After a day of wandering from the oasis that is the Fairlawn Hotel and meandering across Kolkata on foot, I found it increasingly difficult to ignore the rickshaw… 629 more words


The lady on the bus has crabs!

Aside: I have some great pictures to go with this post, but I’ve lost my phone, and with it, lots of pictures. Many were uploaded to flickr automatically, but I now need to go through the laborious process of finding the relevant pictures again, and downloading them, then uploading them into the blog. 1,788 more words

Viet Nam

5 Weird Things about Rickshaws

So ever since I’ve started travelling solo, I’ve been told to travel in rickshaws rather than taxis since rickshaws are safer. How? Well… They don’t have doors so you can just jump out in case the Rickshaw Wala (RW) is a crazy psycho killer. 431 more words


Dhaka: A tale of two cities

After spending three weeks in Dhaka, one of the most densely populated cities in the world, I experienced two cities emerging or coexisting. One city has promoted sustainable modes of transport since its inception and the other that is pointing towards unsustainable modes of transport as the economy grows and more people access motorized vehicles. 609 more words

Vehicle Rentals For Bakra Eid

For many people, the highlight of the days leading up to Bakra Eid is visiting animal markets to find just the right sacrificial animal. Larger animal markets, which provide greater variety – in terms of the breeds and better prices – are usually located on the outskirts of the cities. 250 more words