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BAFTA Los Angeles Announces Britannia Awards 2017 Date

BAFTA Los Angeles has announced the date of Oct. 27 for its 2017 edition of the Britannia Awards, which will once again take place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. 178 more words


Jasmine has a shock

Back to a familiar subject – the media and transgender. In the last couple of weeks there have a been a few items that have given me cause for thought.  1,550 more words


Tracks to help you make the most of Spotify (Part 5)

Having failed to come up with an interesting topic to excite everybody with, I have decided to cop out and fall back on this series due to the incredible ease with which I can churn out an article on this topic (this current period of writer’s block may mean this is the only thing I write about).   441 more words


Review in Brief: David Brent: Life on the Road (2016)

Things haven’t gone too well for David Brent (Ricky Gervais) even by the standard of the last time we saw him on THE OFFICE. Now he’s just a guy and not the boss, no one is obliged to put up with his rubbish anymore. 126 more words


"bitter heart" - seona dancing (1983)

There is an album discussion group I help organize and meet up with every few weeks.  Imagine a book club, but about music albums instead.  A couple friends and I listen to the album prior to the meeting and then come talk about it over beers.  1,236 more words

Siem Reap- Featuring: A Birthday, A Beating, Salford Uni Reunion Part 1, Choking caused by Karl Pilkington & A Relationship With Beef.

While we were in Siam Reap we celebrated Sam’s birthday.  It’s amazing we get to celebrate while we are traveling; it feels like a real celebration. 1,198 more words

Phillips Phunny: "The Big Bang Theory" With Ricky Gervais As Studio Audience

Enjoy “The Big Bang Theory” with Ricky Gervais instead of a laugh track.

Someone took a scene from “The Big Bang Theory”, and replaced the laugh track with Ricky Gervais’ goofy laugh. 18 more words