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Ricoh GR Review

Something about rangefinders always interested me. My first camera was some sort of Canon point-and-shoot more than a decade ago, from there I learned to use my mom’s film SLR. 1,156 more words

Time Check

Shinkansen Time Check – Yokohama, Japan

I was at the station platform early, taking photos of the wonderful Shinkansen when I happen to catch this. The conductor outside his “cockpit” checking the time. 295 more words


Beijing in the round

While in Beijing taking spherical reference snapshots for an AR project with my trusty Ricoh Theta, it occurred to me that the “flatties” could serve as templates for 360-degree hutong doodles. 18 more words


Abstract Shinkansen

Abstract Shinkansen – Yokohama, Japan

Yesterday’s photo of the Shinkansen, created a nice leading line, but it’s a bit obvious. I also wanted to photograph the bullet train in a more unusual and somewhat abstract way. 135 more words



Shinkansen, Shin-Yokohama Station – Yokohama, Japan

The Shinkansen, known as the bullet train in the U.S., is a remarkable transportation system. It’s been in service for 52 years and there’s never been a fatality on the train due to an accident. 177 more words


4uToner.com Explains How to Save On Your Toner Expenses

There’s no doubt that toner is the costliest part of having a laser printer in your home or office. Statistics show that the typical lifespan of a laser printer is approximately 5 years. 402 more words

Computer/ Hardware

Lexus in Japan

Lexus LC 500h – Yokohama, Japan

I walked into a Lexus dealer when I was in Japan. This one was located not far from the Yokohama Chinatown. 189 more words