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Public Payphone

Will this be an obsolete technology?

Most people have and use mobile phone nowadays, either for convenience or privacy — which makes me wonder who still uses these phones. 51 more words


Parenting Moments #023: Siblings

Not exactly parents, but sure acts like one…

Side story:

I am the youngest in the family, with two elder sisters.

I can’t remember a lot of memories of us when we were younger… but I kind of have that feeling that my sisters used to bully or tricked me to do chores — in a loving way, of course. 96 more words


Views from an Airplane Window III

Like many of us, I’ve had a lifetime full of flying and probably 40+ transpacific and transatlantic flights. Even with all those miles and hours in the air I still find myself staring out of the window for hours. 282 more words



To most people, they are just faces in the crowd


For some others, they are dream materials; the characters in your dreams…

Okay, that sounds a bit creepy. 45 more words