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Breaking free from shame or guilt

On this talk show:  How to break free from shame and guilt…plus, how to get out of a negative mindset…plus, how to determine whether or not you should help someone… 27 more words


Separate from an evil wife (Sir 25:25-25:26)

“Allow no outlet to water.

Allow no boldness of speech

To an evil wife.

If she does not go as you direct,

Separate her from yourself.” 54 more words

Your Android smartphone will get rid of passwords this year

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Thanks to a major Google research project, you’ll soon be able to securely access apps on your Android phone without a password. 167 more words


Get Rid of Clutter In Your Bedroom With Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes

For most people, bespoke fitted wardrobes have changed the concept of storage. The bedroom is not just a place to relax; it’s where you store a lot of items, from clothes to bedding to shoes. 82 more words

PowerShell: Active Directory User to SID and SID to User

I was recently asked to find the username associated with a particular Active Directory SID (technically I was given the RID).

This is actually pretty easy in PowerShell, and quite intuitive using basic AD cmdlets. 35 more words