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First steps in overcoming toxic resentment (podcast)

On this talk show:  Learn the first steps to becoming free from toxic resentment against your husband, father, mother, etc…due to past wounds or unmet expectations in the relationship  (Debbie and Sarah) 27 more words


What's Wrong with the Beech Trees?

Here’s a sad thing I want to ask about.

Are there any biologists or other experts around who’d know why Beech Trees keep dying. The one in my backyard died years ago. 147 more words


How to get rid of those piles of paper!

Professional organiser Cassie Tillett of Working Order shares tips for organising paperwork, getting rid of that scary pile of paper and regaining clarity.

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Top Remedies To Get Rid Of Bad Breath (Mouth Odour)

Bad breath or Halitosis is the bad odour that comes out from the mouth of a person. 543 more words


RID Legion Class Sideswipe Review: It's Lukewarm Love

Whatever Hasbro wants to call them — Legends, Cyberverse, what-have-you — to me, they’re called pocket bots, which is a misnomer really, as they should be purse bots. 880 more words

Vacuums: Rid Your Home of Pet Dander

If you’re in the market for the best pet-hair vacuum, look no further. Buy right now and get 20% off your new vacuum! #discount #sale #vacuum #dogs #cats

Get Rid of Bad Breath from Garlic with 7 Natural Ways to Instantly Kill Garlic Smell | Healthy Food Style

It is well known that the Garlic is an integral ingredient of many meals and that it is very beneficial for our health, but it is also well known for its unpleasant side effect, that powerful odor that is causing a bad breath! 21 more words