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being friends with your head

Russell Hoban, afterword to Riddley Walker:

People ask me how I got from St Eustace to Riddley Walker and all I can say is that it’s a matter of being friends with your head.

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3/16: Russell Hoban, Ridley Walker, and Getting Gitchy

#1: Finished out a trio of Sci-fi with Russell Hoban’s Riddley Walker, which takes place in post-apocalypse England where people speak a kind of old-English and main character Riddley takes part in a traveling minstrel show a la Wolfe and The Seventh Seal about old Eusa (you-sa, phonetic for USA) and his foolish fight against Addom (atom). 448 more words


As a literature student and a total book worm, I have come across many books that I adore, and some of them have extremely unusual story lines. 899 more words


Riddley Walker and the Persistence of the Presence of God

During the Christmas period, I finally finished the novel Riddley Walker by Russell Hoban. A multi-layered text which deliberately overturns customary ways of using language, it is a hard book to describe and I could not possibly do justice to its content here; in summary though, it describes a time far off into the future in which the world is still recovering from the devastating consequences of nuclear fallout. 1,979 more words



Even a dedicated TV dodger like me knows that the country has gone a bit baking mad. I’m not quite sure how many people who watch other people baking on telly then go and bake something themselves, but nevertheless the nation seems better able to maintain a conversation about raising agents than at any other time in my living memory. 396 more words

The Immortal Jukebox A9 : Tom T Hall - It Sure Gets Cold In Des Moines


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‘ I was much too far out all my life – And not waving but drowning’
(Stevie Smith)

‘Looking at the moon all col and wite and oansome. 1,747 more words


Teaching the Nuclear Cold War: Week 10, 1980s nuclear culture

Having taught classes on The War Game before, I was genuinely fascinated to see if teaching a class that involved the grim and disturbing Threads… 465 more words

Nuclear History