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Day #205: Ride Along with the High Point PD

It was just another day at work for Officer Wiggett but, for me, it was probably the most thrilling and exciting day of my life. I mean to say that I enjoyed today so thoroughly, that it ranks a thousand times better than sky-diving and auditioning for Wheel of Fortune. 344 more words


WREG rides along with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers surveying high water levels on Mississippi River

MEMPHIS, Tenn.– WREG got a firsthand look at the high water levels we are seeing in the Mid-South on ride on the rising Mississippi.

It was a windy, brisk Wednesday for a boat ride, but it wasn’t your typical ride. 350 more words


Ride Along 2 (2016)

CULT – 0

Verdict – 0/5

Pros –


Cons –

1) After a long haul of mind-fuck movies,if you wanna switch-off your mind watch this brainless cliched disaster. 34 more words


A Leaf in the Wind by Penny Chavers

Our lives are like a leaf in the wind.  We don’t know where that wind is going to take us.  It just blows us around from one point to another.  108 more words


WREG goes on night-shift with a Memphis police officer

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s about midnight near the fairgrounds and Officer Mike Oliver is getting ready to hit the streets and letting me tag along. 414 more words


NHL Player: 'I am done raising my fist'

(National SentinelLife Lessons: NFL-like protests featuring mostly black players have spread now to other sports, including the National Hockey League.

But one protesting player had a realization and reality check recently that has made him declare that he’s done with protesting at games. 564 more words

ride along.

we pulled up at the same time

right next to each other

i got out

his family got out

he stayed in

we looked at each other… 64 more words