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Ride Along: The New Genesis Line

What’s Hot: Not since the late eighties, when the Lexus, Infiniti and Acura brands were launched, has an all-new luxury car line hit the scene. We could include Tesla in the mix, but it is an-all electric luxury vehicle, which caters to high-end consumers totally dependent on an electric charge. 1,383 more words

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Actor Profile: Ice Cube

Having just seen Barbershop: The Next Cut, my next profile is Ice Cube, who I was surprised had a bunch of films I’ve never seen. I’m surprised I haven’t seen 20 films with Ice Cube yet. 241 more words

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The MEGAccolade of Podcasts

DISCLAIMER: We records these on Tuesdays, so we will discuss the happenings on Smackdown Live on the following week’s shows, moving forward.

That being said, even without Smackdown Live to discuss, we have a bunch of things to go over: Battleground results, the first post-brand split RAW, the relevancy of certain superstars, and some semblance of news. 32 more words


Sometimes Life Takes A 180. 

For more than a decade I have wanted to climb corporate ladders. I have wanted to prove that a guy in a wheelchair could overtake any obstacle and make things happen. 404 more words

"Ride Along 2"- Review:

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are back for the most anticipated movie of 2016, Ride Along 2. It’s predecessor wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, it had its moments, nothing special though. 267 more words

Central Intelligence Review

Saving the world takes a little Hart, a big Johnson and whole lot of laughs!

Just when you were asking for more Kevin Hart, director Rawson Marshall Thurber ( 737 more words