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Day 135 // 5/15/18 // Madison [Soulshine and Millie D’s]

I’m hoping that if I come here enough we won’t have to actually buy any of the guides.

I love planning trips just as much as actually going on them. 259 more words

Day 120 // 4/30/18 // Monday Thought Release

Its finals week and the last week in my house, which means I am 100% dedicated to not buying groceries.  I am scrounging up everything out of the freezer, cabinets, and gift cards. 389 more words

Day 109 // 4/19/18 // Disc Golf and Systematic Review Presentation

There were a few hours between our short day of class and our presentations scheduled this afternoon, so Devan and I decided to disc golf again. 221 more words

Day 105 // 4/15/18 // Disc Golf at the Reservoir

After church, Devan and I decided to try out disc golf in Ridgeland. It was 50 degrees and very wet from the weekend’s rain, but it was way better than sitting in the house. 210 more words

Day 104 // 4/14/14 // An 80th Birthday Party for Someone in Christian’s Family + Bowling with Devan and Rebecca but Not Really

I have been told by many people, mainly parents, that I should take storms more seriously. Apparently we had some bad weather today. I just know that my power was out for like four hours. 263 more words

Day 97 // 4/7/18 // Ridgeland Fine Arts Festival

Another year, another Ridgeland Fine Arts Festival.  This year is the third year Christian and I have attended this cool day, and our first with Devan and Rebecca.  285 more words

Day 84 // 3/25/18 // Cracker Barrel and New Movie Theater Coming to Ridgeland

Christian and I were both able to go to church together today for the first time in a few weeks, so we were able to get back to Fondren Church.  381 more words