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Racial Disharmony; Religious Disharmony

Racial harmony is something that have stood still in Malaysia since its independence in 1957. Definitively, nothing is perfect and there was indeed incidents which was proven to be racially induced, such as the 513 incident happened back in 1969. 2,304 more words


Ridhuan Tee Abdullah "I say Old Chum, WHO PAID YOU..?

 This is what you wrote ,”saya mangsa kelicikan ahli politik”…oh Wow! and this is the full article from your blog:-


If you are being made the VICTIM OF POLITIKING why don’t you just reveal the name of the person instead of blaming it on the Chief Ministers office giving you the GREEN LIGHT and the Police going to escort you.

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Mempertahankan Islam Adalah Suatu Kewajipan-PM Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah

Secara peribadi dan prinsipnya, saya memang tidak pernah takut jika ada agama lain,terutamanya Kristian, mahu mendakyahkan agama mereka kepada saya. Kita lihat nanti, siapa yang akan bersunat! 1,341 more words

Politik Nasional

Look Ma.....I Stepped On A Piece Of Shit......

Ever wondered why more and more of our local graduates are just not on par with their international counterparts anymore??


Ever wondered why our local public universities are ranked so low that it’s almost embarrassing to be on the list at all??       682 more words


Indons get dual citizenship in Malaysia

Malay civilisation researcher Mohd Arof Ishak opened more than one can of worms when he said in response to deputy minister Tan Lian Hoe of Gerakan that all peoples of the Malay Islands are indigenous to Malaya and Malaysian Borneo. 606 more words