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Lesbianism is under attack, by the usual suspects

Politics makes strange bedfellows.

Case in point: radical feminist Megan Murphy and alt-lite anti-feminist Milo Yiannopoulos see eye to bedroom eye on transgender issues.

That odd coupling becomes even stranger in light of their respective views on lesbianism: Yiannopoulos doesn’t… 968 more words

Bowling for St. Louis County

During the time my family spent in St. Louis, I was so young that the lay of the social land pretty much went over my head. 878 more words

Kid Rock literally steals the show

Nearly three decades before Kid Rock (née Robert Ritchie) endorsed the presidential campaign of reality “star” and serial bankruptcy declarer Donald Trump, he released Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast… 665 more words

The Moody Reds

In the Venn diagram of Taylor Swift fandom, I’m part of the section that is not anti-Katy Perry but loathes Rick Moody’s writing… 808 more words