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Disco Dancer (1982)

Directed by B. Subhash

Featuring Mithun Chakraborty, Kim, Gita Siddharth, Om Puri, Om Shivpuri and Karan Razdan

As a child, fatherless Anil loves to sing but is run out of town after he and his mother are accused of stealing a guitar by rich Mr Oberoi. 416 more words

Movie Review

For our hard working teachers out there, I’ve made an adult mad lib, just for you! Click here to have some fun! via Mad Libs for Adults- Teacher’s Edition – Hot Mess Memoir


Getting It Wrong

I work out every weekday morning at a fitness center. Part of this workout includes spending some time on a treadmill for cardio. In front of these machines is a bank of television sets. 554 more words

I’m just at my wit’s end in having to make lunches! I just have 4 more days to survive without giving them just ketchup packets via…

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So I’ve had my share of internet trolls, as I’m sure you’ve had.  They aren’t fun and I decided to turn it around and write what it takes to be an internet troll via…

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I really want to ask the world, where has our sense of humore gone? Why do a few get offended if you say you like the color green?

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I want to hear from everyone from around the world. Is it just me or is customer service overall getting worse? I wrote about it on my self-hosted blog via…

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