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Learning Bicycle Memories - Avakai media

When I was a kid, the bicycle was the major personal transport vehicle in middle-class India. A bicycle in every home was a norm. Apparently, kids would learn riding a bicycle from an early age. 228 more words


In the Zone

I did it! Finally!

No false starts. Got into the process right away, maneuvered potential obstacles, adapted my pacing as needed. Managed to keep on going in more than fits and starts. 131 more words

Just Get on a Slope

The lessons may have gotten off to a rare and beautiful start, but my (real-life, not fictional) bike-riding saga then proceeded to run into all kinds of setbacks this summer–travel, houseguests, plummeting self-confidence, dead household appliances, no time, questioning the sanity of the endeavor, and so on. 505 more words

Look Ahead, Gain Momentum

In the category of Things I Never Managed to Learn is something that many, if not most, people, get a grip on in childhood–riding a bicycle. 328 more words