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Temple of Health Radio Talk Show

It is my pleasure to announce that I will be talking with Dr. Susan Kolb on her Temple of Health Radio Show this Saturday, January 20, beginning at noon EST. 144 more words

Holistic Living

Unable to Ride the Waves (Settling/Acceptance Phase)

There is a phrase in high technology or in the startup culture or someone under the age of twenty one, where one “rides a wave” to get opportunity. 226 more words

Hopeless Autistic

I won't pray, I'll surf!

The sun goes down early. The darkness envelopes the town fast.
Nowadays, I feel like I’m living half awake and half in dream or somewhere else. 397 more words


Sometimes life can happen wonderfully beautiful beyond my projection, intention, and imagination.

premonition? intuition? or intention?

anyway, it happens… often… but not the way I projected… my imagination fails every time … always the reality happens beyond the reach of my brain capacity. 21 more words


Riding the Waves on the Guatemalan Coast

There is nothing you can do on land that truly mimics surfing in the ocean. Sure, you can practice paddling while your surfboard lies motionless on the beach, and hop into position with ease; but sand doesn’t move. 746 more words


The Healthier I Ate, the Sicker I Got

When it comes to telling Americans how to eat, there is no shortage of advice on what foods are the right foods.

This is not limited to the US but this is where I live. 1,525 more words

Holistic Living


Annyeonghaseyo, (Hello in Korean)

Most of you are visiting my blog because you know me. I’ve decided to create this platform to be able to communicate about my day-to-day journey for my travels (mainly travelling through school). 183 more words