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GMF Sensitivity - Going Going Gone

In July 2009, I discovered the debilitating health symptoms I was suffering were due to a condition known as EMF Sensitivity.

Sensitivity to Ultra Low and Very Low Electromagnetic Frequencies. 516 more words

Elizabeth Maxim

Curing EMF Sensitivity - Timeline

July 2009:   I figure out that I am sensitive to ultra-low and very low electromagnetic frequencies, including those emitted from geologic fault lines in the days and hours before an earthquake. 456 more words

Elizabeth Maxim

Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration

Posted in response to the Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Admiration.  I don’t know the surfer in this picture, and while its a great sport, I’ve never had any kind of fascination with surfing in particular.    172 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

Living Cured

With EMF Sensitivity a memory growing more distant by the day I am able to focus on other activities, other goals.  Even though the symptoms are gone, I spend time each day on tasks that ensure my health continues to improve. 535 more words

Elizabeth Maxim

EMF Sensitivity Cure Information - Update

Happy Thanksgiving!

On this day when I’m so thankful for my recovery from EMF Sensitivity, I’m taking the opportunity to announce a new chapter in my career, as well as associated upcoming changes. 257 more words

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Back to Me

I fell into you

like a diver jumps into depth



and magically

as if the cosmos found the place

where treasures lie

right inside of you and me. 145 more words

Letting Go

EMF Sensitivity and Homeopathy - The Final Key?

The following applies to all chronic illness.

At the height of my EMF Sensitivity, I was frustrated to find that homeopathy had ceased to work. for me… 560 more words

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