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EMF Sensitivity – Life After the Cure

What does it mean to be cured of EMF Sensitivity? The answer is complex!

I no longer experience negative health symptoms around natural and manmade EMFs. 391 more words

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Blissful Beach Horse Fun with Stacey Warner!

We ended 1 week full of emotion with Life Coach Stacey Warner, on the beach in blissful joy & laughter!

Shiloh & Greyjoy, they are seahorses at heart. 228 more words

EMFs, Inflammation, and Healing

I’ve written previously about how EMFs cause inflammation in the body at locations of physical trauma (scar tissue). Exposure to the EMFs in sensitive individuals causes pain at these locations and can inhibit healing. 509 more words

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The lake within

With no wind, a lake’s surface will be flat, mirror-like,reflecting trees, rocks, sky and clouds, holding everything in itself momentarily. Wind may come and stir up waves, causing the reflections to distort and disappear, but then sunlight may sparkle in the ripples and dance on the waves in a play of shimmering diamonds. 283 more words

What If?

Sport | Cabo

Go to: Searchy.One! A Google Custom Search Engine by Randy and Help Us.

Randy | Photos and The Pictures Show

Photographed off Lover’s Beach on the Pacific side of the Baja peninsula in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 7 more words


Cured - Life Coming Back Online

It’s been a few days since realizing I am cured of EMF Sensitivity.

It’s still sinking in.

Commenter Mike reminded  me of the importance of enjoying each day while keeping an eye on the next major topic. 417 more words

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Great Show Last Night!

Well the Friday opening has now come and gone and I had a great time!

The four artist represented were a great mix.  Beautiful art was everywhere! 333 more words

Cedar Wood Caving