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The Healthier I Ate, the Sicker I Got

When it comes to telling Americans how to eat, there is no shortage of advice on what foods are the right foods.

This is not limited to the US but this is where I live. 1,525 more words

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Annyeonghaseyo, (Hello in Korean)

Most of you are visiting my blog because you know me. I’ve decided to create this platform to be able to communicate about my day-to-day journey for my travels (mainly travelling through school). 183 more words

Hangover - No Alcohol Needed (Potassium Deficiency)

At the height of my EMF Sensitivity I suffered migraines, fatigue, and fog brain; all symptoms associated with a hangover.

As I wrote in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity… 795 more words

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Earthquake Lights - Atmospheric EMFs

I was watching a video of the earthquake lights that appeared during the New Zealand quake.

“It turns out that researchers still don’t fully understand the phenomenon…” 442 more words

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Challenging nature

We dogs like to challenge nature. Not because we think we can win – that is a human perception, it is typical for silly humans to assume one can win from nature. 142 more words

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