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So Bad It's... Episode 9 - Monkey Gotta Make a Dollar


Short, sweet and scientifically proven funny. That’s the idea behind our new episode vignettes, a little something we’re calling So Bad It’s Bits, or just So Bad Bits. 61 more words



via Daily Prompt: Blur

My eyesight is not –actually never was– great. Much of what I see, especially without my peepers on, is a blur. My inner vision, however, is 20/20.

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Sport or snob?

Shoulder bag or back pack?

Sneakers or dress shoes?

Khakis or jeans?

Suits or blazers?

Leather or nubuck?

Mild or spicy?

Tart or sweet? 36 more words


I'm Okay, You're OK

It’s all relative

One can blame liberals, at least in part, for the popularity of a theory of the relativity of facts. Pluralism, inclusiveness¬†calls upon us to accept everyone’s truths as equally reasonable.

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February 4, 2017

Sense is not always so common

Commonsense has left the building, accompanied arm in arm with sanity. Disruption replaces order. Civic pride¬†is dislodged by…

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Kellyanne in wonderland

Kellyanne’s Little Blue Book of Alternative Reality

Facts when presented by the media are false.

The president by virtue of his office and position cannot be lying no matter what he says.Likewise, he cannot be delusional by the same virtues of office and position.

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via Daily Prompt: Overwhelming

So much is going on. When you add to the mix of information all the alternative facts that the “alternative” right (let’s call ’em as we see ’em, … 65 more words

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