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Rincón International Film Festival 2018

El pequeño pueblo de Rincón es muy conocido por sus bellos atardeceres y por sus famosas playas para practicar surfing, pero ¿sabías que también es un paraíso para los amantes del cine independiente? 406 more words


Throwback Track Thursday: “Too Close” - Next

Back in the day, there seemed to be many R&B/pop vocal groups like Riff, Hi-Five, Boyz II Men, and Next. Just as music seems to cycle through genres, reminiscing on the music of that day has me wondering and waiting for the reinvention of these groups sometime soon.

Throwback Track Thursday

Side by side...

via Daily Prompt: Parallel

Like railroad tracks, you and I run

Parallel, our lives intersecting in

The image of the distant horizon,

As if we track the distance we travel… 20 more words

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via Daily Prompt: Fret

There are those born to fret over matters large and small.

Truth is, if you want to hear it, worrying doesn’t change a thing.

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Welcoming the spring

via Daily Prompt: Song

The sound of birds is a welcome to the season that relieves us from the long tedium of cold and grey. 81 more words

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Power outage

via Daily Prompt: Disrupt

Government that aims to disrupt the normal processes of the rule of law is leadership by desperados.

The administration in power… 68 more words

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Red alert

via Daily Prompt: Frantic

There are many ways to deal with urgency. Most of us just panic.  A frantic response is not usual, even though staying calm is more effective.

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