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Grace and gratitude

via Daily Prompt: Mercy

Acts of grace are de rigeur in the holiday season. One such is showing mercy.

Of course, standing around in crowds is also par for the holiday course, so choose which is the better journey for your purpose.

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At home

via Daily Prompt: Nest

The nest is different things to different people. We are not all birds of a feather, after all.

If your nest… 47 more words

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Daily Prompt: Sludge

via Daily Prompt: Sludge

Okay, I’m at a loss here. I am not versed in mud, grunge or slime.

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via Daily Prompt: Particular

How peculiar is it that I am not that particular about my appearance. My mother was very fastidious. My father was a showboat, a peacock like so many men of his generation and provenance. 44 more words

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It's in the air

via Daily Prompt: Atmospheric

The scent of desperation can poison the atmosphere.

You want hope to add buoyancy to the mood. 9 more words

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Favorite foods

via Daily Prompt: Mushroom

Tofu is nearly tasteless, and you might feel the same about the mushroom. There is also the fact that it is a fungus to make it a little off-putting. 93 more words


It got out of hand

via Daily Prompt: Mushroom

Sorry to be the one bringing this message, but suddenly the problems we were having just blew up. Sometimes, I have found, things do… 88 more words

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