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More Practice With My Rotational Picking

Lately, I have been favoring the tunes of Yngwie Malmsteen, the neo-classical knight of nostalgia! He has inspired me to write a single string lick mirroring his neo-classical style of playing which focuses in on the rotational mechanics of my picking technique as well as the precision of my fretting hand when it comes to changing positions on the neck. 179 more words


Troy Grady & Eric Johnson: Guitar exercises I have been doing lately...

Troy Grady – The Poptarts Lick

CLICK HERE for the tablature

CLICK HERE for the video

I have been practicing this lick non-stop all weekend. I am starting to realize the importance of strenuous repetition when it comes to improving techniques on the guitar. 689 more words


AAEMI's New Music, 2 New Exercises

I am going to post a few new riffs from our upcoming album that I feel may also act as good exercises when practicing your techniques on guitar. 240 more words


History of Rock & Roll In 100 Riffs

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

For something different from the news, here is a history of Rock & Roll in 100 riffs.

This repertoire played by accomplished guitarist Alex Chadwick begins with… 105 more words



to be a Good Roommate (a riff-off this Gothamist writeup by R. Fishbein, which I came across while scrolling through Reader tagged roommate; text appearing in it is bold italicized below / me dumping roommate (now x2 since Ape 1’s bf moved in)-related rage into something that’s not under 200 words*) 808 more words

Riffed Excrement: Gamestop Training Video

Happy April Fools Day! Now here’s a fool riffing on an old Gamestop training vid.

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