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Disruption seems to be a big theme for the millanial generation. Blowing things up, in fact, is part of the notion that change is always a moving forward. 185 more words

Gentle Slide

I’ve been noodling around on my guitar and enjoyed producing this little riff.

Let me know what you think!


How long?

via Daily Prompt: Measure

There are any number of ways to interpret the word of the day, which is measure.

Let’s start with the tale of the tape. 134 more words

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Artifice gets a bad name when we label things artificial. My husband’s favorite flower, for instance, is a hybrid of the fake and the real. Our florist calls it pom-poms and it looks like a daisy but comes in outrageous –even shocking– shades. 57 more words


Tidbits and tatters

Questions from the “nuclear winter:”

Did you know that M.A.D. meant mutually assured destruction?

Do we have any reason to call Albert Einstein the father of atomic energy? 186 more words


Not that old joke

via Daily Prompt: Denial

Denial,” it says, “is not a river in Egypt” is an old therapy-related joke. Or perhaps, it’s that it is not… 69 more words

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