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Madison St. Station: An Underwhelming Review for an Overwhelmingly Great Book

I’m not sure I can write a review that does justice to Madison St. Station, the new (and first) book from creator and founder of  342 more words

Chicago Blackhawks

711. Panic in Detroit

“As I remember it, David Bowie hit the suburbs of the Americas in comparatively slow motion. First came Space Oddity (a big deal AM radio hit in early 1973, some three years after it had hit big in the UK), then… 132 more words

All Vinyl Apocalypse

Defining a True Sports Fan

What does it take to be a “true” fan of a team? Do you have to watch games even when the team sucks? Do you have to be born in the city they play in? 576 more words



We are a nation in crisis, scratch that– crises, yet we choose to look inward and at local issues. The trains don’t run on time and we are vexed. 74 more words


Axe of Creation: Odd Time Riffs of Soundgarden Part 2

What’s going on everyone!? Welcome to another installment of Axe of Creation here at the wonderful Gear Snobs. Part 2 of our look into the Odd Time Riffs of Soundgarden. 426 more words



My view on the world of dance here will focus on the activity in which I participate. It is a far cry from the professional dancing I witness as an audience member, but it has its satisfactions. 124 more words