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Iconic Riffs in Rock n' Roll History

This is my rundown of some of the greatest guitar riffs to grace music history. There are of course many, many more and there may be some you would add or take away from this list but, these are the ones that jumped to my mind first! 277 more words


Yes, I can

via Daily Prompt: Capable

You once were sure you could do anything. There were no limits to your abilities!

When did you start to doubt? Who took away your certaonty and hope? 22 more words


Grab a pencil!

via Discover Challenge: Transcript

No, wait, no one uses those anymore. People make notes in their Notepad, which is on a device in a virtual application of some sort or other for use on Android, Windows or Mac. 164 more words


No comment needed

Jumping to La Streep’s defense? Completely unnecessary; she defends herself eloquently. She is admirable and brilliant.

She is a shining star and a national treasure.


19 Habits of Effective Peeps

Among the edicts of the workforce, and of strivers in particular, there are always a ___ number of best practices. I would say that among my 19 Habits of Effective Executives, focusing on your work is at the top. 91 more words


Off kilter?

via Daily Prompt: Uneven Thanks again Ben Huberman

The famous meme for fairness is the term “a level playing field.” A seesaw depends on an even match in the weights of its opponents; anything else throws the equation off its kilter. 56 more words


God and evil

The Book of Job raises questions that piety cannot answer.

Many of us look for something less ambiguously moral in which to believe.

God allows evil because he can. 204 more words