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Daily Prompt: Protest

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As the song says, “I ain’t marchin’ anymore,” but if I were, I would be on the front lines. Protesting outside of Trump Tower at the terrible choice we Americans made on November 8th is a civic duty, one I am foregoing except of course… 34 more words


Renege or renegotiate?

Renege does not originate from renegotiate, which likewise by definition does not mean “don’t pay your contractors.” Those who have done work on your behalf and completed the job well deserve to get paid the amount you both agreed upon in advance. 96 more words


Art of the con

Republicans will do nothing to stop Trump’s self-aggrandizement as long as they get what they want. They’re looking for a reduction in services, less oversight on eco-matters, among other things. 513 more words



Longing is an odd emotion,

Naturally unfulfilled, clearly so,

Often unfulfilling, never complete

And itself insignificant, like a gnat

Buzzing in your ear, strong like… 25 more words


Daily Prompt: Liminal

via Daily Prompt: Liminal

Are we at a threshold? You betcha. Are we on two sides of one? Perhaps. And possibly in the worst possible way, divided rather than connected, we are between the proverbial rock and a hard place. 51 more words


Why? and Moving Forward...

TheseĀ are reprints from my LNKD articles.

When the NYTimes reported on the “Alt-Right” rallies which “Heiled” Trump’s win, I joined a twitter exchange with a woman who said she was appalled, but had voted for Trump.

625 more words

Gobbling past the divide

There may be some awkward gatherings around the table at Thanksgiving this year.

Let’s not damn each other without a hearing. Listen to the whys, wherefores, the pluses and the drawbacks for the choice your kith and kin may have made. 83 more words