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Clock — The Daily Post

The inspiration for this posting is via Clock — The Daily Post:

I have always loved clocks, not entirely because they mark the time, since I have never been that punctual. 89 more words


Unpredictable — The Daily Post

The challenge to which I wish to rise came via Unpredictable — The Daily Post the other day.

Let me see what I can add to this valuable concept which underpins life, making it sometimes a wonder, and sometimes a disappointment.

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Journey — The Daily Post

This is the challenge via Journey — The Daily Post: Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

Travel comes to mind when prompted to think of journey, but many of life’s journeys require no passport, no map, or long-distance plans.

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His Trump(ets) Red Blare

Believe me when I tell you he can certainly blow his own horn. In fact, he’s famous for it, but when the man with the yellow face and… 112 more words


Layers — The Daily Post

via Layers — The Daily Post

In the winter and on chillier fall days, sometimes even in the spring, I like to wear layers. I can take a sweater off, and still have another warm garment underneath, but if it gets warmer, I can remove that as well.

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EE Cummings said, in paraphrase, something like “not for philosophy cares the rose,” so is it unkind to label
philosophers as mental masturbators? It seems like mental masturbation is an apt term, invented to describe your average philosophy department, especially when Abe (Joaquin Phoenix) shows up at the R.I. 219 more words