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Is Twitter vulgar?

Is Twitter cheap? Is it vulgar? These questions are probably pointless, even if they seem pointed. There is much to be said in Twitter’s favor. 290 more words


The Festival Circuit

Hello my fellow writers, cinephiles, and artists:

It looks like I’m becoming one of those people who is beginning to hit the festival circuit. Within the past few months I have had the opportunity to learn more about this side of the film industry from the perspectives as a participant and as a volunteer. 2,049 more words



via Daily Prompt: Symptom

Illnesses are defined by their symptoms, at least in the lay mind. There may be a symptom of discomfort which simply translates as muscle ache or fatigue. 77 more words

Daily Prompt


As with many prohibitions, the question is not what is forbidden but how it will be enforced.”No honking” has fallen off the NYC law books because, in truth, no one could prevent it. 22 more words


Pithy thoughts

We value hindsight a great deal, but really isn’t foresight much more valuable, not to mention useful.

I have asked before but it bears repeating: Who is the… 798 more words


A very hot potato

via Daily Prompt: Controversy

Usually, I am a fan of a hot potato. That is to say, when it’s baked and brimming with butter, it is perfect eaten fresh out of the oven (or microwave.) 172 more words

Daily Prompt

Smiley face!

My history with smiling is fraught. As a teen, I presented dour and had teachers telling me to smile at every turn of the corridors. 60 more words