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Odds and ends June 2018

Madonna was onto something when she wrote Like a virgin.

We are indeed renewed in each relationship that comes along.

In that case, we are “touched for the very first time” when we find a new love. 46 more words


Surrounded by Society

1978. Cynical. Broken down. Mired in the first wave in a meritorious mindset of muck, he braced for the worst. And –

Still, the worst never came. 78 more words


In pieces

via Daily Prompt: Broken

It is easier to tear society asunder than you would credit. In fact, “things fall apart” as Chinua Achebe says in his great novel, crumbling under our eyes. 18 more words

Daily Prompt

Side by side

via Daily Prompt: Juxtapose

When placed cheek by jowl, two similar things benefit from a compare and contrast. The proximity which juxtaposes them allows us to look at each objectively.

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Past its sell-by-date

via Daily Prompt: Archaic

Old-fashioned has its charm.

Archaic just seems outdated.

Of course, that too can be endearing.

Daily Prompt

Do not presume

via Daily Prompt: Assumption

It’s a mistake to make an assumption¬†about anyone. My friend Diane, for instance, never seems to judge a book by its cover. 19 more words

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