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Shot from a cannon

via Daily Prompt: Catapult

Trickle down economics has the people of Kansas suffering major cuts to rudimentary services, and the state in devastation. If the Republican budget makers have their way, similar dissolutions will effect the middle class and working poor as they attempt to cut taxes for the very rich in order to have them, the rich, that is, create wealth for the rest of us. 271 more words

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Once upon a time, you learned a trade, the one that once upon a time would last you your lifetime, by standing beside a master. 57 more words

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In the garden

Photos © Tamara Beck

Let’s imagine a world of peace and harmony. Now imagine who (or what) would want to disrupt such a calm prospect. 43 more words


Branch Arterial – Beyond The Border (2016)

Intense, focussed and anthemic rock that hits all the right notes. Consistent from start to finish this album is an absolute knock out. 537 more words


Aqua Respire

Water bead grass bayonets cut tongues,
steely dew, fondant of morning rain.

How I love to lie eye-level to ground
to look up at tall blades against the sky. 128 more words



Disruption seems to be a big theme for the millanial generation. Blowing things up, in fact, is part of the notion that change is always a moving forward. 185 more words