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Daily Prompt: Millions

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There are many millions of Americans, living in a country that has always valued freedom and respected a free press. Along comes one unAmerican anti-democratic candidate, and a whole slew of these once proud Americans think that their great country is not great enough. 197 more words


As their folk music keeps fading, they sing with a pinching pain

There is an international group all set to rock the stage! While the guitarist is an Australian, the tabla player is an Indian artist residing in Australia. 321 more words


Daily Prompt: Fragile

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There is a delicacy in the lace made in Chantilly that has been honored in myriad ways, even in one case by the Big Bopper. 91 more words


Daily Prompt: Urgent

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Like everything in life, what is urgent (or not) is relative. Relative to who you are and what your priorities might prove to be. 78 more words


Daily Prompt: Subdued

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It is hard to hide one’s light and stay humble when everything in the world is blowing up as self-aggrandizing. Nobody is subdued anymore. 73 more words


A Declaration of Sentiments

It was 1919 all over again.
Except it was 1972
 then 1977, then,
203 years
of convincing
An alternative strategy for ERA ratification has arisen from the “Madison Amendment,” concerning changes in Congressional pay, which was…
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What Would Dolly Do? - Confronting Complex Riffs

In October 1973, Dolly Parton released one of the most honest and and poignant songs ever written – “Jolene”. Aptly complimenting her portrayal of a complex and haunting emotional tumble, the very first notes played on the guitar form a riff that is both appropriately haunting and – annoyingly – perfectly complex. 671 more words