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Try harder

via Daily Prompt: Assay

In testing the proposition you have put before me, gentlemen, I have assessed that neither fact in contention is true. You may consider an… 32 more words

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Protest, aver, repeat

via Daily Prompt: Insist

Taking a hard tack is not always the easy road. Many of us would rather acquiesce to a  lie than insist… 62 more words

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via Daily Prompt: Tend

Never give an inch. Bend don’t break. You can lean but not further than is comfortable.

If you tend to be unyielding in your opinions, as I am, you know what I mean when I say don’t waver.


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The nightly horror show

via Daily Prompt: Creature

Long ago, or so it seems, there was a weekly movie dubbed the Creature Feature. The nominal “creature” was either… 33 more words

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Got your back!

via Daily Prompt: Sympathize

It is not easy to be supportive when you don’t sympathize with the facts in play. Truthfully, sympathy is akin to faith in that it requires a leap. 21 more words

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via Daily Prompt: Puzzled

Not understanding what’s going on is a cultural phenomena in a divided country. One from which I suffer perhaps more than most. 64 more words

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My blog history

via Daily Prompt: Profuse

To brag a bit, I have to say that my “career” as a blogger is extensive. You might say that my on-line writings are arepository of   10 more words

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