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The Texas 27 Film Vault was a great pre-MST3K bad movie show from the mid-1980s. The hosts Randy Clower and Richard Malmos (also the co-creators of the program) were members of the fictional quasi-military outfit called the Film Vault Corps – “the few, the proud, the sarcastic”. 2,716 more words

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Something's Not Right About the New, Crowdfunded 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'

When the message popped up on my Facebook feed, my immediate reaction was visceral and intense — could this be real? “ABSOLUTELY HUGE NEWS EVERYONE,” it read. 1,515 more words


Rifftrax crew will not be a part of MST3K reboot

Mike Nelson and Bill Corbett recently took to Facebook and Twitter, respectively, to let fans know that they will not be participating in Joel Hodgson’s upcoming MST3K reboot. 76 more words


MST3K Mondays comes to RiffTrax!

Who says Mondays are awful? Well, probably everyone. But thankfully there is now a little bit of salivation for the beginning of the week. There is now the MST3K Monday to look forward to every week, thanks to the crew over at RiffTrax. 210 more words

Just Can't Get Enough

Submission Scripts WANTED!

We’re looking for help getting our next riffing victim done before it’s premiere live this spring, and it’s a doozy.  PHANTASM!  Yes that’s right, the film with more balls, blowing leaves, hallways, confusing boners, brotherly stalking, and mustard blooded little people than any other.   146 more words


Miami Connection (@RiffTrax Live) - Does The Human Die?

Main characters (friends forever): No
*Token black character: Almost

Bad guys: Possibly a few (uncertain–one receives a mortal head wound and returns with a head bandage) 289 more words

The Human Doesn't Die


The third entry in this years the Crappening. This time we get treated to a forgotten gem from 1987. The movie starts out with introducing the motorcycle riding ninjas. 521 more words