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Rifftrax: "Glitter" (2007)

Taking on Mariah Carey’s notorious bomb of a starring vehicle seems like a natural fit for the Rifftrax gang, but somehow the elements don’t come together this time. 110 more words

Rifftrax: "The Last Shark" (2016)

For this Rifftrax, the gang roasts the notorious 1981 “Jaws” rip-off that was pulled from theaters due to a copyright lawsuit from Universal Pictures. It’s the perfect kind of movie to get the Rifftrax treatment, as it’s so blatant a copy of Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece that it provides the gang with enough material to keep the audience invested. 85 more words

Rifftrax: "Deadly Prey" (2016)

There are few genres as ready for gleeful commentary than cheap, cheesy 1980s action thrillers like this 1987 abomination. Only the VHS era could have yielded a movie like “Deadly Prey,” with its cheap sets, incomprehensible action, regrettable leading star, and a host of slumming character actors like Cameron Mitchell and Troy Donahue. 61 more words

BW's Morning Article Link: Riffrax Revisits Space Mutiny

I don’t usually like using dated links but the Mystery Science Theater 3000 riffing of Space Mutiny is one of my favorites. One of the biggest memes I see is based on the part where Mike and the bots come up with different names for Reb Brown’s character, Dave Ryder. 69 more words

Movie Spotlight

WITHIN THE DARKNESS - Found Footage or Faux Footage ?

A Jonathan Zuck flick.

A pretty cast that may be threatened by ghosts ,Who died in horrible ways.

So the lead Ghost Host is a guy and a jerk who only redeems himself once. 30 more words


Keep Watching: Interview with "Regional Horror Films" Author Brain Albright, Part 3

The parameters you’ve set for your book, Regional Horror Films, go no earlier than 1958. Are there any “Poverty Row” pictures of the 1930s and 40s that could have had a place in your book? 2,177 more words