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DVD Review: The Amazing Bulk


One of the most talked about cult Superhero movie mockbusters ever made! Henry Howard is an ambitious young scientist who takes an experimental serum for building muscle mass and is transformed into the Bulk, sending him on a bizarre and destructive rampage of revenge from which he may never return, in a world that does not understand him and wants to destroy him. 395 more words



Well its time for another Rifftrax live. This one was Time Chasers a classic from the Sci-fi (before it was spelled with a y) era. The show started off with a short from the 1920’s or ’30s. 489 more words

Personal Ramblings

That time I interviewed Kevin Murphy of Rifftrax

This week Rifftrax is doing a live riff of “Time Chasers” in theaters (it will be showing locally at Jordan Creek’s Century 20). Back in 2009 I interviewed Kevin Murphy of Rifftrax for a now defunct website. 2,516 more words


rifftrax live: time chasers

The next Rifftrax Live event will be this Thursday. Mike, Kevin, and Bill will be deploying their rapier-like wits against Time Chasers, the worst sci-fi movie to come out of Vermont. 14 more words


What I watched in... April 2016

In the interest of full disclosure (and to generate a little content here) I thought I’d present a regular tally of what movies I managed to see in the previous month. 222 more words


Coming Attractions from "Silver Screen Reflections" (A brief post)

There will be more in store from “Silver Screen Reflections,” right after the end of the semester (and after the end of stressful finals) at Hood College. 129 more words

Interview with David Giancola of Time Chasers

The following is a rough transcription of an interview I had with David Giancola, who directed the IMDb Bottom 100 feature Time Chasers. Many thanks to Rifftrax for setting this up. 1,269 more words