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Regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know The Texas 27 Film Vault was a great pre-MST3K bad movie show from the mid-1980’s. The hosts Randy Clower and Richard Malmos (also the co-creators of the program) were members of the fictional quasi-military outfit called the Film Vault Corps – “the few, the proud, the sarcastic”. 1,015 more words

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Off the Grid Christmas Movies

Hey Internet, and welcome to the one post a year where I push down my grinch grinchclause nature and actually write a blog about Christmas! So let’s cut straight past the holly and the jolly and get write to that big ole’ present you’ve been staring at for the last month shall we? 1,043 more words


Guest Post: Extending Santa's Magic by Appealing to the STEM/STEAM Side of Kids’ Curious Minds

We have our very first guest post here at We’ll Eat You Up, We Love You So! It’s courtesy of Scott Beller, who is the “Chief Word Nerd” at the blog… 848 more words


10 Funnies About "Santa and the Ice Cream" Bunny (The RiffTrax Live Version)

I found myself listening to the RiffTrax Live version of Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny recently, which was last year’s show.  The plot (if there actually is one) is about Santa getting stuck in the sand in Florida, the terrible child actors who try to help him, the dying amusement park from which this “film” was shot, and the borderline incoherent story he tells the kids to serve as the moral basis for “not giving up.” 603 more words


Bad Movie Night: The Holiday Season Joylessness of 'Santa Claus Conquers the Martians'

Welcome to “Bad Movie Night,” a biweekly feature in which we sift through the remains of bad movies of all stripes: the obscure and hilarious, the bloated and beautiful, the popular and painful. 1,245 more words


Why?  Because new traditions should be a thing!

Or not. 617 more words


Emilio-Vlog: Rifftrax Holiday Double Feature

Rifftrax had a holiday double feature to start a December with a riffing of “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians”, followed by the Christmas Shorts-Stravaganza.

For this certain case, this vlog is also a double feature. 49 more words