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What I watched in... April 2016

In the interest of full disclosure (and to generate a little content here) I thought I’d present a regular tally of what movies I managed to see in the previous month. 222 more words


Coming Attractions from "Silver Screen Reflections" (A brief post)

There will be more in store from “Silver Screen Reflections,” right after the end of the semester (and after the end of stressful finals) at Hood College. 120 more words

Interview with David Giancola of Time Chasers

The following is a rough transcription of an interview I had with David Giancola, who directed the IMDb Bottom 100 feature Time Chasers. Many thanks to Rifftrax for setting this up. 1,269 more words


The Entire Cast Of 'Mystery Science Theater' Is Having A Special One Night Only Reunion

It’s hard to believe that it has been 10 years since Rifftrax got its start in the demise of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Now we’re about to see the return of… 284 more words


MST3K set for a 2016 reunion show

There is something so very special about a bad movie. But every bad movie can always be improved by one thing: Mystery Science Theater 3000. And while the show called it a day back in 1999, it’s carried on in reiterations like RiffTrax, who will be celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2016. 281 more words

Just Can't Get Enough

It's Time for Rifftrax: Top Ten Rifftrax Riffs

Well hey Internet, and welcome to a very special additional edition of Thoughts We Might Have Had. So about a year ago… in fact almost exactly a year ago, in an odd and unplanned bit of consistency, I wrote about Mystery Science Theater 3000 (or MST3K as we cool kids call it.) Well, today I thought I’d sit down and write about the spiritual, physical, and tentacle successor: RiffTrax. 1,335 more words


New Rifftrax Kickstarter - Take My Money!

Everyone, rush over to the new Rifftrax kickstarter and give them your money already.

For the TL;DR crowd, the show the Kickstarter is mainly intended for will be June 28, featuring a reunion of the old cast. 33 more words