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Birthday Busy-ness: Bedding Blocks for Barnard Actions

Keeping busy on my birthday. The youngest keeps trying to me how old I am! Not listening!

Note the bedding blocks have three holes in them. 22 more words

Rifle Building

Completed: Palma .223 Bastogne Walnut

Here is a picture of the final sanding. And the pictures of the completed project.

The chopping board with the Walnut and cherry stripes was completed at the same time. (Clare loves it!)

Rifle Building

Offset Sights

I used a Scott Riles front sight and adapted it to the front offset arm. I have made the rear adjustable for pupillary distance. As usual, in my eagerness to get to to it’s owner, I forgot to take finished photos.

Rifle Building

Update #2: Palma .223 Bastogne Walnut

I’ve inletted for the trigger guard. I’ve installed the rail. Added vents…. as Steve McGee called them Buick Portals… Or as us old guys call them Camp Perry Drain Holes… 24 more words

Rifle Building

Update: Palma Rifle .223 Bastogne Walnut 

I added a feed ramp. Did some inletting. Did the bedding and added three pillars.

Rifle Building

Palma Rifle .223 Bastogne Walnut 

This Bastogne Walnut stock (selected by the owner) is filled with little burls and fiddleback. It is also quilted. It is light in color. It can be difficult to work with because of the e we changing grain. 35 more words

Rifle Building


Always remember this day. I flew my flag my flag today.

My Father-In-Law landed on Omaha.

Thank you to Ron Piotrowski for bringing back the Utah Beach sand.

Rifle Building