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Berger Southwest national match

Getting things done for the match his taken precedence over posting. Here are some of the latest projects.

Rifle Building

English Walnut F- Class Low Rider Stock with Barnard Action

I found it necessary to laminate pieces on the side to get the correct width to make this stock wide enough for F class. I was able to use some of the excess wood from the stock to match the grain of the forend. 12 more words

Rifle Building

Two Will McCloskey F-Class Stocks

These two stocks are new production blanks from Will McCloskey. They are unique because they use nicely figured wood on the outside panels. I like this method and I have used it for years because it is very stable. 27 more words

Rifle Building

Block of Maple from Vermont for a Turbo Action

A friend sent be a beautiful block of quilted fiddle back Maple and a picture.

This is what I came up with… I also barreled it with a Hart Rimfire Barrel.

Rifle Building

Silhouette Koa Stock for an Anschutz Action

A customer came to me wanting to know if I could build a stock that was 2 pounds or less. I used the Koa because it is a lower specific gravity than Walnut (which makes it lighter) and stronger. 80 more words

Rifle Building