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Fancy Claro Walnut Stock for Barnard Action Palma Rifle

This type of wood is very time consuming because there are very hard and very soft parts – i.e. the fiddleback and quilting. ┬áIt requires hand sanding sanding with a pad to eliminate high and low spots and to get a fine finish. 16 more words

Rifle Building

Old Fashioned Custom Precision Stock Duplicating

Handcrafted, old fashioned, time-honored stock duplicating can produce a superior product to a mass-produced stock from a CNC machine at far less cost. Custom stock duplicating using manual duplication can produce a stock that is as precision as any CNC produced item. 79 more words

Rifle Building

2000 Anschutz Stock with Claro/Bastone

This stock is a duplicate of the owner’s high power Palma rifle. He wanted the same look and configuration on both stocks.

These are some of the during construction photos. 21 more words

Rifle Building

Some more work on the guitar.

I’ve got the body and the neck cut out. The nut has been replaced with brass. Frets have been leveled. And the pickup has been cut out. 35 more words

Rifle Building

2000 Anschutz Mango rifle stock

I couldn’t bear to take a picture of this when the stock was broken into two pieces, but here is the fix in progress. Was returned to me after it fell off a workbench, and I didn’t know if it could be repaired. 35 more words

Rifle Building