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Open F-Class English Walnut Stock for a Barnard Action Right Hand Drive, Left Hand Crank

Duplicated the stock. I’ve started the carving to smooth it out. This appears to be one of the finest piece of English Walnut that I have worked on in loooooong, loooong time. 33 more words

Rifle Building

Finished the Backstop of the Trophy

I finally got all the names on the backstop for The Western Wildcat trophy.

Will do the base in a few weeks. And show you it when I get it done. 7 more words

Rifle Building

Working on The Western Wildcat Trophy

Here’s what has been going with the Trophy. Still need to find a brass figurine of a Wildcat.

While working, I realized the Lones Wigger has won the Western Wildcat 8 times.

Rifle Building

That Nice Piece of Claro from 2 weeks ago.

Here’s that beautiful hunk of wood on the duplicator: CLICK HERE!

Here’s that beautiful hunk of wood finished.

It was a lot of sanding for this stock, totally worth it.

Rifle Building

My First Radio Controlled Drone

Sue got a new drone. It made me remember my in theAir Force (my time as a rocket scientist). :)

When,  I was merely an adult, I was stationed at Cheyenne, Wyoming.. 114 more words

Rifle Building

NEW VIDEO: Feeding and Ejecting using Gary Eliseo's Magazine.

Here is a video showing feeding and ejecting using Gary Eliseo’s Magazine.

Installed by me.

DISCLAIMER: I am right handed. This rifle is left handed. :)

Rifle Building

NEW VIDEO: Truing and Blueprinting an Action

I’ve putting Clare to work, she shot and edited a video for me.

This is a simplified version of what actually happens when I go through this process. 26 more words

Rifle Building