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Little Burls in an Exteme piece of Claro Walnut

One of the problems with working with a piece of wood like this is that is that the wood goes from being very hard to very soft too quickly and the grain runs in all directions. 8 more words

Rifle Building

English Walnut Stock for Barnard Action

I’m sorry I didn’t take pictures of the finished stock before I shipped it off to its owner.

Not the new supervisor.


Rifle Building

McMillan Open Class Stock

I have been using three action screws on Bernard actions for approximately 14 years and it’s nice to see that others have followed suit.

Rifle Building

Stock for a Defiant Action

This turned out to be a really nice piece of wood. I’ve had hanging around for a few years waiting for the right project. The pistol cap has burls that look like an owl. 9 more words

Rifle Building