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Sports Equation #24

Alabama / Georgia = Enjoy your Ultra-Super (and rigged) SEC Championship

NZ Monopoly

We’ve been sitting down playing the latest game of Monopoly these holidays.  The board is an ominous black colour, there’s no cash and it’s ruthless!  At least you get round the board quickly.  548 more words


ZAFIA Asymmetric Dress Silver-SANSAR.

Beautiful dress with asymmetric cuts excellent for the New Year’s night. With thumbnail.

Marvelous Designer integrated with Sansar provides the possibility to adjust the clothes in the LookBook window. 11 more words


ZAFIA Odyssey Pants-SANSAR.

Leather pants with straps and buckles. With a soft bell to be able to wear them with any footwear. With thumbnail.

ZAFIA Fashion Store in Sansar.


ZAFIA Mimetic MiniSkirt-SANSAR

Fresh miniskirt for your holidays. It is not made with MD and therefore the clothing simulator cannot be used.

ZAFIA Fashion Store in Sansar.


Viral Video: Box Rigged For Package Thief

Watch a package thief get scared away by a trap.

Some guy in Tacoma, Washington decided to get revenge on the thieves stealing packages from his front porch. 24 more words


Trump "Russia Collusion" Now Impeachment Investigation

“Trading a plea on minor charges for cooperation is a foolish gambit that badly damages the prosecutor’s case. It suggests that the cooperator must not have disclosed details about the major scheme. 165 more words