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EMO-tions @ Hairology

In the new round of Hairology, EMO-tions has created this awesome hair with hairpice called Tari. The new round of Hairology will start the 10th of February. 6 more words

Revelation of Peyton's Last Rodeo

Notice the 409/909, like Revelation=49 at 49ers stadium and an inverted NFL=66 the first Super Bowl in the ’66 season and Revelation the 66th book of the bible. 72 more words


Broncos Super Bowl Champions

Due to the wonders of Gematria, the cryptography of the cryptocracy, it’s a deadset lock on the Denver Broncos as Super Bowl 50 Champions. The symbolism as predicted of the White Bronco VS the Black Panther – OJ Simpson and Huey P Newton; all-white jerseys VS all-black jerseys – further fanning the race-war flames that the psychological warfare machine called corporate media has been fuelling all year (of course all of history, really, but lately like it’s personal.) And taking it to another level of symbolism, the white QB called The Sheriff going up against Superman, the alien from Krypton, reminding us subconsciously of police brutality and illegal immigration. 979 more words


How Jonathan gave Fayose $37m to rig Ekiti Elections in 2014-- PDP's scribe, Aluko gives shocking evidence on Channels TV

A member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ekiti State has said  that the Ekiti State governorship election was rigged, tendering evidences on how some areas were blocked in the state during the election. 846 more words


Black Panther V White Bronco

Peyton Manning, the White Bronco, wins to advance to the AFC Championship and the NY Times features this image, coded with (18+48)=66. NFL=66. First Super Bowl was played in ’66 and SB50 starts at 3:30 when Thirty-Three=66 and Fifty=66. 461 more words


1.3 BILLION Smackaroonies - Yes, With A "B"

Shew lawdy, my imagination ain’t big enough to grasp that much money. Why, did you know that with that amount, the lottery commission could give each person in America 4.3 Million dollars? 775 more words


65 Policemen dead after truck rigged with explosives blows up Police Training Camp

More than 100 people were injured and about 65 others dead after a truck rigged with explosives crashed into a police training camp. 429 more words