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Spring Term PPJ #4 – Anna Rebman

So the render farm has been an issue this week, which sucks because we have another presentation tomorrow. We’ve been trying to fix all our render issues and animate this week. 242 more words


Soft Shackles

“Marlin Spike Seamanship” like electrical systems, has never clicked with me. I can do all of the important knots for sailing, Sheet Bend, Rolling Hitch, Bowline, etc. 171 more words

Allied Seawind 32

Personal Project: Rigging

I decided that for my personal project that I would learn how to rig.

I chose rigging because I think that it is important to understand how a rig works and to have basic understanding of how to rig even if that is not the area in animation I will go into. 286 more words

Anna Gives Man New Sight

At Zero

When the controller is moved

In Motion


We had had this issue before that took us forever to see, where the iris of the man was not following the controller and was always pointed forward. 11 more words


Planning the Character Rig

During my years in university I discovered that many animation students struggle with rigging and quite a few believe it to be the most dreadful part of animation pipeline. 847 more words


C4: An explosive weekend of Circus Circus Circus Circus!

April 27-30, all day

C4: An explosive weekend of Circus Circus Circus Circus!

Come join us for a 4-day explosion of CIRCUS FUN April 27-30, 2017. 56 more words


Machine Rigging

I’m working on a short film with a group of students. This machine is a major part in the plot development and need to be pushed to see the wall behind it. 58 more words

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