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Stretched Shackle

This shackle comes from a customer that I visited once per month. We have had many discussions concerning rigging in that location of the plant. Now that someone has dropped a load and broken a foot, I am being asked to help implement a rigging policy & procedures. 64 more words


Don’t Expect Much From the Justice Probe of Gold Market Rigging

Source: Casey Research, by Ed Steer

The gold rally that began in Far East trading on their Thursday morning got capped at, or shortly after, the London a.m. 182 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies


Just tweaking the tweaks that needs tweaking so the tweaks won’t need future tweaking. 263 more words


Rigging for Education: Dragon

If you like to check out the dragon rig, it’s now available on Cogswell’s website here.

This is continuation from the project I started on last summer with making rigs for the animation classes at Cogswell College. 376 more words


Rigging Training

Started 2015 with rigging training. Calculating sling angles, sling configuration and most of all calculating how much does this load weigh???


First ACTUAL post!

Previously I mentioned I am rigging Yeti characters for one of our student films. Currently I am working on the main character. His name is Clark. 457 more words


The YF-19: Some housecleaning

I have questions.

Why do the bones keep popping back when I made a pose change? What’s the right hierarchy? Is it bones over geometry? All geometry stacked together in a group and the bones take care of them independently, or is it each geo parented to each set of bones so there’s some continuity? 316 more words