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May Game Dev 003: Sprites Or Bones?

It’s the first of May.

After spending hours animating a simple 3 frame idle stance, I decided to go with bone animation for the fighting game instead of the sprites. 138 more words


RigTip for Moved and Frozen Blendshapes in Maya

Quick RigTip on how to resolve the common problem of moved blendshapes who are frozen afterwards (You should never do that !).


While working on blends some people (like me) move them out of the origin to place them somewhere else in the scene as a cluster of blendshapes to easily get a view of all of them together. 327 more words


April 16, 2016 - Traveler Setup

I wasn’t able to get over to the boatyard today, but I did get some work done at home. ¬†One of the upgrades I’m including as part of Loblolly’s restoration is to replace the stock traveler with a trick… 348 more words

Rigging on the way!

Joy of joys. Reboot’s new rigging has shipped. As of this morning it was in Los Angeles. Quick across the US. We will see how well we do across the Pacific. 16 more words

Golden Gate Bridge

Last week we showed off the white and grey paint job. But it needs a little splash of color, too. The paint purchase included a quart of nice royal blue, but it looked like Tommy Lasorda’s big belly in a Dodgers warmup jacket. 239 more words


Final: Character Model

To finish off my model I modelling a stand for my character to stand on. I modelled the stand using basic a cylinder polygon and added in some edged to create a fancy stand. 670 more words

3D Model