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Switching to braid soon

i’m learning that my hook set troubles is partly the stretch in that crappie line 6lb mono and it trying to set the thicker 4/0 hook. 42 more words


3DA2: Week 2

Now that we had analyzed our reference it was time to move into Maya and start putting together our walk and main action keys. Here is the Milestone 2 turn-in with my main keys. 88 more words

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Animation: the Riders

Decided to go on with completing circuit after the last set of work done, probably a much organised way of working with such a massive project. 159 more words


Blender 3D Modeling & Rigging

~ Creating Custom Rig Shapes is cool, but not critical. I could always animate the armatures directly, no prob.

Process to creating an IK:

From properties editor window:

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3D Modeling

Animal Modelling - Quadrupeds Day 3

Finally finished everyone (however, just the mounts) in the circuit. I am feeling exhausted especially when thinking about this is just a small part of the whole work…… 223 more words


Animal Modelling - Quadrupeds Day 2

Keep finishing the quadrupeds in the circuit but still have not finished by the end of today. Hope things could get smoother when I make those without the rigging, weight painting and animating later….. 113 more words


Add-on: Bone Select Sets

This is something I’ve been wanting for a while, and didn’t realize it was in blender for some time now, though it has been recently rewrote, or fixed at least, and even if I’m bugging the developer to improve it, she won’t and that’s okay, she’s got a lot to do, and I’m just an other user bugging with a feature request, so I’ll have to learn some coding myself to make it a better UX, in any case, it still speeds up your workflow. 449 more words