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Jam: Animation

From the character I worked on previously, I wanted to create an animation that was more interesting than a simple movement or action. I looked at the kind of activities my character may get up to, I considered sports of some kind this brought me onto the idea or martial arts, following on from this, I considered knives and knife arts, my personal favourite is balisong knife art or butterfly knifes, I liked the idea of animating a sequence of tricks that my character could perform. 179 more words

Character Design

Exporting Joint Hierarchies: Part III

Hello again, for part III I’m only going to provide an updated document containing more information from the previous post. I struggled for over two weeks to get Skeletal Animation to work with animation layers in Maya and last Friday we finally managed to fix it. 144 more words


Learn How to at Last Open the Doorways to Your Enterprise in a Brand New Area

Imagine that your factory has outgrown the initial area by which you commenced your small business machine moving and rigging , years before, and you now need to move to the next city wherever at this time there is a considerably better piece of property ready for you. 246 more words


Learn How to Open the Doorways to Your Organization in a Brand-new Place

Suppose your factory has outgrown the first space with which you commenced your boom truck rental small business, years before, and you want to move to the next community exactly where presently there is a far better section of property waiting just for you. 247 more words


Learn How to Unlock the Doors to Your Business in a Fresh Place

Imagine your manufacturing plant has outgrown the main area in which you chose to start your rigging contractor company, years earlier, and you want to relocate to the next town wherever there is a much better part of property holding out regarding you. 247 more words