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When You Meet The Right Person You’ll Realize How Easy It’s Supposed To Be

When you finally meet the right person there’s this unfamiliar confidence you have in another person. It’s just looking at them and knowing.

In the past, you might have just known blurry lines and confusion. 377 more words

Ideal Relationships

Right person, wrong time.

This phrase I could never really understand, up until these few weeks.

If you like someone enough, shouldn’t that be a reason to be with them? 1,320 more words

I made Cinnamon rolls

so today I made cinnamon rolls, a simple task, which means my young mind was active. Thinking why my boyfriend wasn’t replying. Where was my mum?   218 more words

Word of Wisdom

You can never get to the right place with the wrong people!!!

Good Morning, God is truly good all the time. I hope and pray everyone had a good weekend and Happy Father Day to all the Fathers and single mothers doing it along. God Bless


Slowly but surely

Right now one thing’s certain, You make me really happy.

Thank you for treating me nicely.

When I felt like everyone’s giving up on me. 266 more words

God Gave Me You

Advance Hiring Interview Skills That Improve Your Batting Average Part 8


The remarks here are my own opinion. I made the opinions based on my many years of work experience as a HR practitioner. You are entitled to accept, reject or ignore them. 1,463 more words

Interview And Selection

See 10 thoughts you have only when you are with the right person

In most marriage of friends and relatives that I have been following for many years, there are many challenges. Challenges of all kinds, whether in the relationship between the spouses, or in relation to finances, child-rearing, day-to-day decision-making and major decisions, such as changing cities, or the like. 671 more words