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The concept of the right time, place, or person.

I have thought about the concept of “right” and how we get infatuated with finding the “right” person, place, or time. We believe that all good things come to good people, right? 606 more words



One of your relationship goal should be pursuing into marriage and before deciding to marry someone, you should build a stronger connection with God as you pray for your future husband. 551 more words


Being The Right Person

Marriage is not so much finding the right person as it is being the right person!

A Relationships Scrapbook

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The requested GRL://person was not found in this life.

Life may be down. Please make sure you are connected.

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Don't Miss Your Bus!

By likening the Christian life to waiting on a scheduled bus to arrive, today Rev. Babooram implored the congregation not to “miss their bus” by not being in the… 29 more words



Why do girls always have to be in a relationship? Why do we always have to have boy/man on our arms? Why does this world see women as weak if they don’t have a boyfriend or husband? 192 more words


To My Fellow Women, This Is How You Deserve To Be Treated

Twenty20 / Katyasi BerianveganSomewhere along the way, we’ve all become guilty of accepting much less than we deserve. And instead of this standard we once had that was so high, we find flattery in not being treated like shit. 24 more words