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Right Person, Wrong Time

Do you believe that you will meet a right person when the right time comes? If so, do you believe that you can also meet a right person in a wrong time which is called “Bad Timing”?

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See 10 thoughts you have only when you are with the right person

In most marriage of friends and relatives that I have been following for many years, there are many challenges. Challenges of all kinds, whether in the relationship between the spouses, or in relation to finances, child-rearing, day-to-day decision-making and major decisions, such as changing cities, or the like. 671 more words


the one

i’m waiting for the right person
the one who can reach me
the one that protects me
and saves me from the world

i’m waiting for the strongest
the one who battles all my wars
shields me from the pain
and takes the blows i cannot bear

i’m waiting for the one
who fills up my empty soul
whose company never makes me feel lonely
and where true happiness unfolds

i’m waiting for the one
who says all the right words
sings the songs i cannot sing
and covers my body when it rains

i’m waiting for the one
who lets me see inside
shows me my true strength
accepts me for all my wrongs

i’ve been looking for the one
the one who might complete me
but the only one who can do that
is simply, truly me



Trust is one thing which can move mountains if it’s pure and honest. And that purity / honesty has one fixed address which belongs to YOU (Mom Dad). 46 more words


#3 There Is No Such Thing As The 'Right' Person

You hear a lot about being with the ‘right’ person and how this magical ‘right’ person will make you a ‘better’ person. That’s all very well and good until you come to define ‘right’ and ‘better’. 382 more words


Ironic Optimist

Blog Entry No.4

March 24, 2017; Thursday

They say I could be very irritating when I can stay positive through whatever. I smile all the time, I see the kind in everyone and I can find even the thinnest strand of silver-lining to whoever or whatever. 476 more words