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Sometimes I don’t want to post anything but I wanna say so many things…

Coming from no internet for 2.5 days, I had so many time to think of so many things. 188 more words


A quote by

The key to succesful relationship is not about finding the right person; it is about always making it right with the person you found.

What is it about "that kiss"

A kiss with the right person can be an addicting experience, one that always leaves you wanting more. The passion from it can make you breathless, the intimacy can make you feel warm and safe, and no matter how many times you kiss them it never seems to be enough. 348 more words


Find the right person

This short anecdote is based on a true story that happened at my pharmacy a few months ago. It inspired me to write a quote in my instagram. 221 more words

Oh, dear love

Every woman dreams of a man who sincerely wants to be with her for the rest of her life. As God’s princess, I believe that He molded a prince for me. 364 more words

God's Time


i don’t ascribe to “the right person” theory
but i do believe people can “click.”

it feels so easy
i didnt ever know,
it could… 96 more words