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Ironic Optimist

Blog Entry No.4

March 24, 2017; Thursday

They say I could be very irritating when I can stay positive through whatever. I smile all the time, I see the kind in everyone and I can find even the thinnest strand of silver-lining to whoever or whatever. 476 more words

Live To Love, Love To Live

This is not a ‘How-To-Guide’ on these two things. This is a simple answer to a bewildering question: ‘Why do we end up falling for the wrong person?’  492 more words

Literature & Leisure

It's not about when's the right time, it's about who's the right person.

For someone who’s new to love or was hurt and been through rough times in the aspect of love, it will always be hard for us to trust again. 243 more words

I’ll wait for you!
By: Gabrielle Griffin

That sing “I need a gangsta to love me better” Is a kind of man I adore, but he doesn’t have to be thuggish no he can be nice, sweet, and sensitive who’s tall, handsome, got money and knows how to hold his lady down who will go hard for you in any situation a man who you have so much in common with, it’s like God put us together for a reason who knows how to make love to you so hard you can forget about your problems and can’t walk straight without the abuse were like Harley and The Joker we can be a little crazy But until then I’ll keep living the single life, so when he comes I’ll be ready

Đúng người không bằng đúng thời điểm

Khi gặp đúng thời điểm thì người có sai cũng sẽ thành đúng…

Một người bạn của cô thông báo cậu ta sẽ làm đám cưới vào một ngày cuối tháng. 750 more words