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When You Finally Meet The Right Person, The Timing Won't Matter At All

We’re all bound to come across those people or that one relationship where it seems like everything was there but the timing: One of you is ready for a relationship, while the other is still recovering from their last; one of you is moving in the near future; you both hit it off, but one of you is in a committed relationship at the moment; one of you is still focused on their studies, while the other is locked into their career already. 610 more words

"OWNERSHIP " as distinct from " SINCERITY "

Right person ‘ profile

To me , selection of a ( right )team member is a fundamental process for Business Success — it is actually not a recruitment , but a Quality Control process . 371 more words

Pearls Of Wisdom

For the girl who's losing her self esteem

It may be hard for you to believe but you are beautiful.

You may not have a perfect skin, a perfect hair or a perfect body but still you are beautiful. 157 more words


Story #2

Sometimes we are surrounded by many people though not the right one. The person we need at that situation is missing. The person who could look into your eyes and tell what is going on. 21 more words

Short Stories

Why monks

Recently I wonder why monks do not have children.

Perhaps it is simply because they do not engage in sexual relations.

Perhaps it is simply because they have not found the right person. 21 more words


This time last year i was having almost daily conversations with a guy I grew up with. i may have gotten into my feelings about him, but a year later I can look back and honestly say I’m free of those. 102 more words