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The Right Person

I always adored the idea of love, the feelings it brings to your life, how such a simple word can hold such meaning and can create such great happiness in your life; how one person can mean so much to you, can look so different in your eyes but how do you know whether it’s the right person?  390 more words

The Truth About Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships are awesome and something that I desire for everyone because though it doesn’t complete you, it really nourishes and truly fulfills you. It may even help you mature and grow as a person. 835 more words


Omg it's freezing

Stella, a very displeased hound, after having no company over the weekend, after a xmas shopping trip, and a trip to see my sister Yesterday. We go for our walk this morning, with me wrapped up in several layers, stella was still not pleased, hilariously jumping when she bobbed to pee. 63 more words

The healthy relationship.

If you had to change your person to please your loved one, forget this report.

In life is not a matter of finding the right person, it is rather to build a healthy relationship together. 7 more words


Too Long

Inspire me, be my desire,

I’ve been searching for too long

Make me love and make me hate,

I’ve been cold for too long

Put me at ease, a sound sleep, 74 more words


You have good lumber for this job!


Literally: suitable – material – suitable – place

Alternately: “The right person in the right place.” Placing someone in a position or job that matches their character and skills. 56 more words


Sometimes the fact that there is nothing about you that makes you the right person to do something is exactly what God is looking for. – Accidental Saints, Nadia Bolz-Weber

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