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Find the right person

This short anecdote is based on a true story that happened at my pharmacy a few months ago. It inspired me to write a quote in my instagram. 221 more words

Oh, dear love

Every woman dreams of a man who sincerely wants to be with her for the rest of her life. As God’s princess, I believe that He molded a prince for me. 364 more words

God's Time


i don’t ascribe to “the right person” theory
but i do believe people can “click.”

it feels so easy
i didnt ever know,
it could… 96 more words


Get It Right The First Time

Would you agree if I say – that considering all normal and legal processes – it is more difficult to fire an employee than to hire a new one? 346 more words


Right People, Wrong Time: An Excuse or Fate?

Last year, I read a poem that started off like this: “Right people, wrong time. In a different world I’d be yours and you’d be mine.” It continued on to say, “In another place, in another time, I’ll always have hope that you’ll one day be mine. 1,024 more words

How Each Love Language Knows They’re With The Wrong Person

You can always tell when shit has turned sour in your relationship.

I’ll be honest, at this point you shouldn’t even be trying to ‘relationship’ without knowing what your love language is. 871 more words

When You Meet The Right Person You’ll Realize How Easy It’s Supposed To Be

When you finally meet the right person there’s this unfamiliar confidence you have in another person. It’s just looking at them and knowing.

In the past, you might have just known blurry lines and confusion. 377 more words