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Framing or Taming Fears

Why did she do it? Why did she step outside her frilly cravat and black robes for poli-talk. Inappropriate for a sitting Supreme Court Justice. 489 more words


Suck Less

Scrolling through Twitter today I was catching up on Brexit, Benghazi, SCOTUS, Pat Summit and the regular random cat pictures, movie memes and (unfathomable to me) GoT references. 475 more words


Any Other Way

Sometimes I can’t tell if I’m doing the right thing, and other times I realize that the irony is perhaps there is no such thing as the right thing to do. 295 more words

Christian Marc

I Had to Apologize to Someone I Haven't Talked to in 6 Years. Here's What Happened

Last week, I had to do something that I had put off for awhile now. I had to apologize to someone that I hadn’t seen or talked too in about 6 years and I felt completely liberated. 368 more words

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In The End

Whispering ghosts hover

In the doorways

Discussing our memories

As you step out the door

Twisting the knob carefully

So your tongue doesn’t relapse

Into saying my name… 104 more words


Don't Open the Door

May 11, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Is it possible that we are the ones who let evil into our life? Is it possible that we often not only open the door, but hold it wide open, inviting evil to enter? 640 more words

Fooled Again

I jaywalked right in front of a cop.

As I was stepping up to the light, I saw the Crown Vic from the corner of my right eye. 449 more words