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The right thing

Its not that I do not know what to do. Nor am I ignorant or negligent about it. It can’t be termed arrogance as well. Its just my problem of acting on the solutions. 319 more words

By Maria'na

The right thing isn’t always comfortable

I could not think of anything I would have cared to do less than visit my grandfather in the nursing home. I was in college, and he was in the midst of Alzheimer’s. 470 more words

In Affliction

On hold with Centrelink for 15 hours

Desperate parents calling the family line to make changes to family, childcare and parenting payments are being met with a busy tone and given no chance to use online or in-office services instead. 388 more words

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How Do You Know Your Doing The Right Thing?

Yeah, the world is falling apart. So much chaos now. Seems like it gets worse every year. Social media will do that. It’s used for the wrong reason. 99 more words

Blanchett plays mentor to Corr

Blanchett, who struck up a friendship with the Packed to the Rafters star when he played a role in the Sydney Theatre Company’s production of Sex with Strangers, said the 26-year-old has what it takes to make it in a very fickle industry. 241 more words


Day 221 - Thursday after All Saints Sunday

Read | Day 221 | Thursday | November 05 | James 4

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Reading | Your cravings bring destruction; draw near to God; do not speak evil of one another; focus on today and what the Lord wishes for you and the Church; do the right thing, now. 168 more words

Tassie ‘Hulk’ hits new high

Hodgetts also bettered the previous best ever mark at the IPC Athletics World Championships to win his maiden world title in the F20 shot put for athletes with intellectual disabilities. 135 more words