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All In All Is All We Are

There used to be a TV show on when I was a kid called Happy Days. It was a situation comedy about the olden days of the Fifties. 343 more words


If it was that easy, would you even want it?

By Nina Šášiková
Read more at https://fancydistrict.com/right-effort-right-outcome/

“The right thing and the easy thing is never the same”
Straight to the point. Today I wanted to talk about “not that easy things” in life. 47 more words

Close Cover Before Striking

So there’s this interesting new bar and restaurant design. It’s not about tap placement. Well, not  in a traditional view of bar taps, that is. 311 more words


Don't Be Mad With Science

Cancer is an awful scourge that makes people we love suffer. The rat-bastard disease rips people we love out of our lives. Stupid cancer makes people into angels when we aren’t ready to let them go, when we should be with them. 765 more words


Framing or Taming Fears

Why did she do it? Why did she step outside her frilly cravat and black robes for poli-talk. Inappropriate for a sitting Supreme Court Justice. 489 more words


Suck Less

Scrolling through Twitter today I was catching up on Brexit, Benghazi, SCOTUS, Pat Summit and the regular random cat pictures, movie memes and (unfathomable to me) GoT references. 475 more words


Any Other Way

Sometimes I can’t tell if I’m doing the right thing, and other times I realize that the irony is perhaps there is no such thing as the right thing to do. 295 more words

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