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Musings on Compulsory Social Media Shaming as De Facto Punishment

One of the local television stations regularly posts an ad-bait slideshow on its Facebook timeline that features the mug shots of recently arrested folks in the county jail. 1,024 more words

Philosophical Mess-making

Episode 2: In A World… Where Everything’s Free

Kathryn and Miró wax poetic about Tig Notaro and how Trevor Noah needs to take page out of her book. But should he delete those terrible tweets? 76 more words


Europe Attacking Our Tech Companies

It’s clear that the European Union is attacking American technology companies. Evidence is everywhere. Consider the following examples or recent crackdowns against US technology in Europe: 769 more words

Current News

A Japanese court has ordered Google to take down negative business reviews

Google was ordered by a Japanese court today to take down anonymous negative business reviews of a medical clinic, written by people who said they were former patients. 274 more words

Google: a data controller as well as an intermediary service provider? Does this make sense? Who cares?

So everyone knows it, Google is polymorphous. It has experienced many different forms: mere facilitator, publisher, hosting provider, caching provider… The latest legal label stuck on its mutant forehead is that of “data controller” and this has been done quite “noisily” by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in its… 1,458 more words

Data Protection

Spain: The Right to Be Forgotten Does Not Apply to Google's "Blogger" platform - Miguel Peguera

In a recently reported ruling, the Spanish National High Court held that Google is not responsible for the processing of personal data on blog hosted on Google’s owned Blogger, and therefore, that the so called “right to be forgotten” established by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in the… 324 more words


When Neocons Make the Case FOR an Iranian Nuclear Project

Making the case for Iranian nukes.

John Bolton’s incoherent New York Times article is practically a laundry list of the discredited arguments used to get us into the disastrous war in Iraq. 743 more words