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Facebook Ordered to Help Unmask a Troll

Italy’s Data Protection Authority has ordered Facebook to turn over to a user the data it has on him—and on someone who set up a fake account to impersonate and discredit him. 405 more words


EU GDPR - full details of what it means for you and your personal data

Stricter data privacy rules will come in across the EU in 2018 after MEPs finally agreed them – but what does that mean exactly for you and your private information? 782 more words

Data Privacy

Spain: Clash between different chambers of the Supreme Court on the right to be forgotten - Miguel Peguera

The right to be forgotten – which can be best described as a right to be delisted – was recognized by the CJEU on the assumption that the search engine operator, Google Inc., is a data controller of the personal data included in the search results. 1,215 more words

Data Protection

The Right to Be Forgotten: Fifty-Two

E only eats until everyone falls in line. Then she sets aside her fork and stands, placing her napkin on the chair behind her.

“This was not an intended outcome for me.” 481 more words

The Right to Be Forgotten: Fifty-One

Two days and too many cakes later, a knock booms through the warehouse. We dare to peek through a grimy, dust-curtained window. I can just make out Stipple. 483 more words

The Right to Be Forgotten: Fifty

Ten days blow past as Pye and I hide in a Stipple-owned warehouse. This one has a lock, four beds, a functioning bathroom, a stocked kitchen, and a regular extermination schedule. 486 more words

Ctrl-Z: The Right to be Forgotten - Book Review

Ctrl-Z is an unnecessarily difficult read, barely qualifying as a book. It covers an exceptionally interesting topic in quite possibly the dullest way possible. 1,395 more words