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Spain: The Right to Be Forgotten Does Not Apply to Google's "Blogger" platform - Miguel Peguera

In a recently reported ruling, the Spanish National High Court held that Google is not responsible for the processing of personal data on blog hosted on Google’s owned Blogger, and therefore, that the so called “right to be forgotten” established by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in the… 324 more words


When Neocons Make the Case FOR an Iranian Nuclear Project

Making the case for Iranian nukes.

John Bolton’s incoherent New York Times article is practically a laundry list of the discredited arguments used to get us into the disastrous war in Iraq. 743 more words

Reflections on the Right to be Forgotten Part II

From the previous post, there is no doubt that the preliminary ruling of the ECJ on the right to be forgotten holds some merit that clearly resonates with the EU Data Regulations Directive. 459 more words

Data Protection

The Power of Google, Squared

I wrote, I while ago, about “the power of Google” and its role in the discussion surrounding the “right to be forgotten” ― a person’s right to force search engines to remove links to information about that person that is “inadequate, irrelevant or excessive,” whatever these things mean, even if factually true. 923 more words

Freedom Of Expression

The right to be forgotten from Google? Forget it, says U.S. crowd

The University of Oklahoma expelled two fraternity members this week after video of them leading a racist chant went viral. Now, a Google search of the young men’s names shows the incident right at the top of the results. 998 more words


Positives and negatives of the Blogosphere

It’s been an interesting few weeks so far, and already on a collaborative level, the friends I have made through this site and I have started to work together, support each other and even contribute to each others work – the blogosphere is like an ecosystem, that grows and connects us through a collaboration more dynamic than most social networks. 592 more words


Plug or Perish

FVLD attorney Seth Stern recently made a presentation to the Chicago Bar Association comparing the European Union’s “Right to be Forgotten” to United States privacy law.  194 more words