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Google Refuses French Order to Apply 'Right to Be Forgotten' Globally

Google is refusing to bow to an order from the French privacy watchdog to scrub search results worldwide when users invoke their “right to be forgotten” online, it said on Thursday, exposing itself to possible fines. 337 more words


Google defies France over "right to be forgotten"

Google made a dramatic gesture to oppose censorship of its search results on Wednesday, telling French regulators in a blog post that it will not heed demands to implement so-called “right to be forgotten” requests on a worldwide basis. 611 more words


Children should have the right to be forgotten, says iRights campaign

By now I’m sure you all know about the ‘right to be forgotten,’ the EU legislation that requires Google to remove old, inaccurate or irrelevant links from its search results under certain conditions. 426 more words


News: Right to be forgotten claim against ICO rejected by the Administrative Court - Anya Proops

So here’s the question: you’re an individual who wants to have certain links containing information about you deindexed by Google; Google has refused to accede to your request and, upon complaint to the ICO, the Commissioner has decided that your complaint is unfounded and so he refuses to take enforcement action against Google under s. 430 more words

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Why Family Guy's Brian Griffin Should Have Stayed Dead

I was sad that Family Guy killed off the dog Brian Griffin in an episode screened in Britain on Sunday night. Brian has both human and canine characteristics (he can drive a car, but is scared of the vacuum cleaner).  730 more words

Airbrushing History

Forgive and Forget or Live to Regret? Google Evaluates One Million Links for the EU’s Right to Be Forgotten

In a previous blog post, we covered the drama surrounding the right to be forgotten (aka the right of individuals to have personal information removed from the internet that they find embarrassing, harmful, or potentially stigmatizing), its express adoption in the EU, and Google’s alleged obligation to investigate. 1,085 more words

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OC Family Pushes For Late Daughter's 'Right To Be Forgotten' Online

SANTA MONICA (CBSLA.com) — The family of an Orange County woman killed in a 2006 car crash is still fighting to keep graphic pictures of her death off the Internet. 286 more words