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Your Data Blind Side

You might be about to see companies like Facebook, Google and many others whose business models depend on using their customers’ data, scramble in the wake of a case currently in front of the U.S. 1,237 more words


French regulator rejects Google's "Right to be Forgotten" appeal

French privacy regulator, CNIL, has rejected Google’s informal appeal against its ruling (as reported previously) that individuals’ right to have posts removed extends to Google’s websites worldwide, including Google.com (and not just Google’s European websites such as Google.de or Google.fr).  46 more words

Regulatory Enforcement

Spanish Supreme Court Rules: RTBF Does Not Include Altering Digital Newspaper Archives

The Spanish Supreme Court has ruled that digital newspaper archives do not have to be altered with the “right to be forgotten”. “In a decision that was made known on Monday, judges rejected a petition by two individuals to have EL PAÍS eliminate information from its online archive that they viewed as detrimental to them….However, they did have an obligation to ensure that this information cannot be easily accessed through online search engines, the ruling said.”

Security & Legal Issues

Are Viral Videos Virulent?

Link to the video

As you can probably tell from watching the above video, that boy will not be forgetting about his little dance escapade anytime soon. 109 more words


Assessing the Right to be Forgotten

by Daniel Lyons

Heads Up 

From its inception the Internet has been disrupting business models, as once-ubiquitous brands like Blockbuster, Borders, and Encyclopedia Britannica can attest. 1,049 more words


New EU Law Will Tell U.S. What Can Be Said -- And Built -- On the Internet

Americans have long been ignoring European data protection law, but it has not been ignoring us. Last year’s so-called “right to be forgotten” case from the EU’s highest court let people remove links about themselves from Google’s search results — and regulators insist that the links must disappear from U.S. 1,288 more words


Eric Schmidt: Get Ready for 'a Lot' More Alphabet Companies

When Alphabet was formed, Eric Schmidt, its chairman and one of the five people who technically constitute Google’s new holding company, was on vacation, learning to fly. 325 more words