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Google rejects EU anti-trust allegations as flawed in 'fact, law and economics'

BRUSSELS – Google rejected on Thursday a complaint by Europe’s competition watchdog that the Internet giant is abusing its dominance in Web searches to promote its own products. 476 more words


Google Disappears Techdirt Article About Right To Be Forgotten Due To Right To Be Forgotten Request

Tech Dirt

Well, well. Just a few days ago, we wrote about the fact that Google was being asked to “forget” articles about the right to be forgotten, under new right to be forgotten requests… and suddenly we’ve been notified that a Techdirt article about the right to be forgotten has been similarly stuffed down the memory hole*. 240 more words


RIP Politwoops: the program that kept tweeting politicians in 31 countries honest

Politwoops, a site that has been preserving the deleted tweets of diplomats, lawmakers, and politicians since 2012, has been effectively shut down by Twitter. In a controversial move, this weekend the social media network blocked all 31… 719 more words

I'll Never Forget, Jack.

“To be, or not to be?”

~ Hamlet

If you can’t Google it, does it exist? Did it even happen?

We’ve joked before about how the Internet is like an elephant. 407 more words


U.K. Orders Google To Forget 9 News Articles About The "Right To Be Forgotten"

Although Europeans in 28 countries have the option to ask Google to remove Internet search results about themselves under certain conditions, Google is pushing back against a new “right to be forgotten” request — one that seeks to remove nine news articles about the “right to be forgotten” itself from its internet search results. 441 more words

Google ordered to remove links to 'right to be forgotten' removal stories

As Google continues to squabble with European regulators over how the ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling should be interpreted, the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has now waded into the argument by ordering Google to remove nine links to current news stories about previously removed news stories. 592 more words


Google Ordered to Forget ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Stories

Google removed articles after “right to be forgotten” requests; now, Google must remove articles about those articles.