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Texas Abortion Law Teed Up For Supreme Court Review

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WASHINGTON (CBSDFW.COM/AP) — Abortion is back before the Supreme Court, and the justices could signal by the end of June whether they are likely to take up the biggest case on the hot-button subject in nearly a quarter-century. 799 more words


DO AS I SAY! - and I won't tell you why!

What is middle class morality?, asks George Bernard Shaw in his play Pygmalion. From what is understood of this phrase is that morality or the widely accepted societal codes of conduct is just an excuse of a well-off class to justify their standing, that they are somehow more deserving of the privileges they enjoy and deny those privileges to anyone who doesn’t follow those norms. 964 more words


Apna Bachha: This sham needs to end!

Kids! Another tool to gain status and conform.

Apna Bachha: One’s own biological child (translation)

Indians are champions at increasing families, perpetuating patriarchy, conforming, bigotry, abusing and women disempowerment. 1,619 more words


Reproductive Rights

I feel that Reproductive rights can be a very touchy situation, especially because of religions and such. But I do think it is important to take a step back and look at the situation as a woman’s choice about her body and life, instead of abortion/anti-abortion. 307 more words

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This post continues an ongoing discussion of extreme importance. Every person has a right to bodily autonomy, and for others to decide what people can or cannot do with (and to) their own bodies is to rob them of their human rights.

Yes I love my meat and fish

Isn’t an educational institution supposed to be one which teaches tolerance and the existence of cultures varied? Isn’t an educational institution about teaching the right things and the right approach to life? 558 more words


I Always Thought I Could Be President: Capitalism & Patriarchy Say No

Growing up, I was told I could be anything I wanted, even president. As a young teen I realized no woman had ever been president and with that, I realized I couldn’t be anything- that had been a lie and I was pissed. 1,322 more words


A Bold National Move to Control the Underclass

What a great way to remove women’s rights, enforce that women are second class citizens, the underclass, and condone violence against women- push to make abortion and contraception illegal. 1,087 more words