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This is not a Charlie Hebdo article!

As I am writing this article, the solidarity march with the Charlie Hebdo victims is taking place in Paris.

I think this march sucks. Looking from the perspective of the victims or their families, does anyone actually think they get comfort out of seeing thousands (or millions) of people marching down the streets with politicians among them? 423 more words


Reproductive Rights

I feel that Reproductive rights can be a very touchy situation, especially because of religions and such. But I do think it is important to take a step back and look at the situation as a woman’s choice about her body and life, instead of abortion/anti-abortion. 307 more words

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This post continues an ongoing discussion of extreme importance. Every person has a right to bodily autonomy, and for others to decide what people can or cannot do with (and to) their own bodies is to rob them of their human rights.