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Not Against Flesh and Blood

Recently, my heart and mind have been reminded of the truth that we all face each day.  Many of us refuse to see or acknowledge this truth, some of us are ignorant or apathetic to this truth, and some have made the decision to be seduced and to intermingle and accept the darkness that accompanies this truth. 1,516 more words


The Lie We Live (We think we are free)

We need to ask questions, we need to ask why and if it does not feel right we should find our own way. We are free, but most of us have forgotten this. 27 more words


A Country Of Bans

Why call India a democratic country when it isn’t one? Is it just to give us happiness and self-satisfaction about something non-existent? In this country Freedom of Speech and Expression is just a written statement never implemented. 579 more words


Stop Shaming Birth Control Users

By Sara Woznicki

*Disclaimer: For those of you who find talking about women’s reproductive health taboo or are repulsed by a woman’s right to make informed decisions about her body, this post is not for you.* 746 more words

Life In Your 20's

A Woman’s Right to Choose: Not What You Think

No, this is not a blog posting about pro-life versus abortion rights.  The title above is an intentional double entendre about another very serious topic: the rights of women (and men) with breast cancer to make their own choices about their treatments. 1,087 more words

Breast Cancer

Idaho Representative Doesn't Understand Female Anatomy

Idaho State Representative Vito Barbieri (R) made a complete fool of himself at an anti-abortion debate, and not for the usual reasons.

The issue was over a proposed ban on doctors speaking with patients via webcam and then prescribing medication abortion.  718 more words


Vaccination and the pro-life philosophy

The basic argument of the anti-abortion movement is that the right to life is more important than the right to choose.

I agree with that argument.  135 more words