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Although this blog is not about politics, at all, and it is already emotionally charged enough including topics such as betrayal, trauma, living with an addict, etc… voting my heart is very very important to me. 1,425 more words

DHANAK on NDTV Prime Time!

Watch a discussion on the difficulties faced by couples, the Special Marriage Act and the issue of the myth of Love Jihad: DHANAK on Prime Time



In egalitarian societies, it is well-established that abortion is about the right of a woman to choose what to do with her body.  Similarly, assisted dying legislation – being proposed now in Victoria, NSW, WA and SA – is about the right of a… 512 more words

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Dhanak welcomes you to Delhi!

Despite all efforts –

If you are unable to convince your family of your intent to marry the person of your choice

If you or your partner are fearful of being forced into a marriage with someone else… 53 more words


Ravish Kumar meets Dhanak members

Watch Ravish Kumar talk to Dhanak members on Valentine’s Day, 2017 about the various issues regarding Interfaith/Inter-caste marriages in India.
The show includes a candid conversation with parents of interfaith couples discussing their feelings about their son/daughter marrying someone from a different religion.

PrimeTime with Ravish Kumar Feb 14, 2017 धर्म , जाति से बाहर कितना मुश्किल है शादी करना ?


Not So Free-Will

We had a very good debate in Bible study last night. It wasn’t heated, it was good; it was a quest to understand the truth, and it’s implications. 1,043 more words