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right to choose (tanka)

rolling the dice
little or no control
death and dying
once felt luck of the draw
right to die changes the stakes

© Tournesol ’16/01/19


Planned Parenthood sues anti-abortion creeps who produced fraudulent videos

Planned Parenthood has filed a civil lawsuit against the anti-abortion activists who have released a series of videos since July attacking the reproductive health organization.

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The Law is Wrong

If Tennessee would ever join the rest of the 21st century in recognizing a woman’s right to abort a fetus, then maybe situations like Anna Yocca’s… 102 more words


Democratic Process Hi-Jacked; Dr. Sapa and Lisa D’Amico

Two, in my opinion, hysterical and misinformed individuals have managed to hi-jack the democratic process in Québec, robbing citizens of, what is, the most personal decision that an individual may ever have to make, for themselves; the right to die with dignity. 338 more words


Connecting the Dots Column ... Quality of Death

We know death is inevitable. Tragedy unfolds, not with dying, but with not being prepared and more importantly, our fear of dying.

Two life endings and their funerals struck resounding contrary chords in my heart recently. 640 more words

I Am Not Haunted

By Natasha Kingston

I was 21 when I had mine.

I lost my insurance when I moved to a new job, and the Pill shot up from $15 a pack to $80. 1,380 more words

Women's Rights

Pieces of Cloth

Lately I’ve been talking about crochet but I’d like to deviate for a moment so I can weigh in on a debate that’s been raging here in Canada for some time. 588 more words

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