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Traditional Marriage Defector

Before I start, please know that I am not writing this to offend anyone’s beliefs and if I do offend you, I am sorry but this is how I feel.  544 more words

This & That

Call Me Caitlyn

Okay, so…
Regarding the Caitlyn Jenner vs the military/civil heroes thing…

The Internet is twisting things again. Stop participating in this nationwide sheep debate about being brave. 234 more words


Gail Collins: Battle of the Abortion Decisions

New York Times — It’s been a dismal stretch for a woman’s right to choose. Not everywhere — I swear that if you stay with me there’s going to be a bright spot. 87 more words


My only response to #CaitlynJenner Fans on Facebook

The great thing about free speech and rights is the day your rights or opinion shuts me up it becomes wrong. Natural justice inclines that you can’t take away the Christian right to disapprove of #CaitlynJenner in favour of your right to approve. 203 more words


Assisted Suicide

The Article I Read

This was a great article and I think that everyone interested in the topic should read it.

I myself have long ago made my decision on this matter. 432 more words


What do they do with aborted babies?

Baby bones bleaching
In the bright sunlight,
Would make the hardest heart,
Offended at the sight.
But when prenatal bodies
Are tossed out of sight; 11 more words

Human Rights

What is abortion?

What is “abortion”? Many will claim it is the removal of some undesirable tissue from within a woman’s body.   The problem with this claim is that the woman is pregnant. 633 more words