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What is abortion?

What is “abortion”? Many will claim it is the removal of some undesirable tissue from within a woman’s body.   The problem with this claim is that the woman is pregnant. 633 more words


A Woman’s Choice

By: Jessica Petitt

It is unquestionably apparent to young girls, and women alike, that one of the most influential persons of this generation is Beyoncè. She remains one of the many females who advocate for women’s equal rights with empowering songs that allow her to be defined as a true feminist. 907 more words

North Carolina News

The Distortion of Truth To an Accepting Culture

I found myself in a state of shock for an instant, but then remembered quickly that nothing should surprise me anymore. Even logic has found itself thrown out the window. 665 more words


Peer Review (Finally) In Question

I learned of the faults in the peer review process last year, in doing research about vaccinations. Most people like to point out to me that peer-reviewed studies show that vaccinations are far more helpful than harmful. 722 more words

Current World Issues

freedom to choose

I’ve had a couple of interesting conversations lately…regarding freedom of choice.

I’m a passionate believer in the individuals right to choose. No matter what it is, there should always be some kind of choice involved. 126 more words

Fucked Up Shit

How to Protect Pregnant Women, and How Not To

By Deborah Tuerkheimer

The New York Times

In the wake of a savage attack on a pregnant woman and the removal of her fetus, Colorado lawmakers are planning to… 431 more words


Questioning God's right to be God

When a plane crashes and some die while others live, a skeptic calls into question God’s moral character, saying that he has chosen some to live and others to die on a whim; yet you say it is your moral right to choose whether the child within you should live or die. 33 more words