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The dark secret of Thailand’s child brides

Originally published by the Guardian on 2018/09/01.

Written by Hannah Elis-Petersen.

One day this summer, 11-year-old Ayu married 41-year-old Che Abdul Karim Che Hamid at a small pink mosque on the banks of the Golok river in the far south of Thailand. 1,922 more words

Initiatives We Support

Free education for all in Sierra Leone? Can it happen?

In late August, Sierra Leone’s newly elected President Julius Madaa Bio, announced a five year initiative to roll out free pre-primary, primary and secondary education on 17 September. 813 more words


                                                    “स्वावलम्बन – समग्र शिक्षा, समग्र शवकास”

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India aiming to empower youth in the North Eastern States have come forward to support Government of India’s initiative in nation building by allowing a limited free registration to Company Secretaries’ foundation and executive course under the FEE WAIVER SCHEME. 119 more words

Charting the Pacific: the importance of national monitoring reports for mapping education trends and challenges in the region

In this blog, the Pacific Community’s Education Quality and Assessment Program explain the way they support governments from across the region in producing national education monitoring reports, and how improved data collection and analysis at the national level is essential for responding to challenges in education. 747 more words

The Girl Child in Afghanistan: Why Safety is Necessary Before Equal Education is Possible

Written by Hazel Lincy Ebenezer

The necessity of equal education has been a long-established concept in the international community. Yet, in pursuing this aim, many fail to acknowledge the external influences – interacting with gender discrimination – that make equality hard to achieve. 675 more words


Period Poverty is Affecting Millions of EU Citizens

Written by Sheila Góis Habib

“Men are born from women. Without women, there would be no one  at  all.” (Guru Granth Sahib) Despite this, women still face many challenges in accessing basic human rights, in both developing and developed countries. 813 more words