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Why Don't We Issue Bullet Proof Vests To Students?

I took this quiz yesterday over at FiveThirtyEight, and I was surprised at some of the numbers. Roughly 2 out of 3 Americans support stricter gun laws, although that number might be inflated because of polling conducted after Parkland. 433 more words


Charlton Heston On The Second Amendment

On February 11, 1997, Charlton Heston, actor and then Vice President of the National Rifle Association, spoke at the National Press Club and explained that the Second Amendment must be considered more essential than the First Amendment; that it is the first freedom that defends the rest of our liberties. 19 more words


Gun Control: Big US Firms Cut Ties to NRA as Anti-Assault Weapon Movement Grows


On Friday, major car rental agency Hertz tweeted that it’d stop providing discounts on cars to members of the notorious National Rifle Association (NRA), following last week’s massacre at a Florida high school. 252 more words


Robert Parry | The Right’s Second Amendment Lies 

From the Archive: In the wake of the latest gun massacre in the United States, we republish an article by Robert Parry debunking some of the right-wing myths about the Second Amendment that have prevented common sense gun laws. 1,637 more words

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Six Troubleshooting Solutions for AR-15 Function - Patriot Gun News

When something goes wrong and the rifle won’t fire, the first question should always be, “What changed?” Before answering that, we have to determine—or at least I determine—whether we’re talking about a “fresh” rifle going through its shakedown period, or a (previously) trusted gun that’s suddenly decided to stop running. 16 more words

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How to Make Homemade Gun Solvent with Three Ingredients [PICS]

Tired of paying for gun solvent? Learn how to make your own homemade gun solvent with only three ingredients on the cheap inside!

Source: How to Make Homemade Gun Solvent with Three Ingredients

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