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Gun Sales Break Record For Sixth Month In A Row | RAW Conservative

Americans Are The Largest Armed Force In The World The FBI has processed record setting background checks for the sixth straight month, indicating that gun sales are at an all time high.  16 more words

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If an attack comes now ...

If it happens in my vicinity, I’ll throw my scoped rifle and a bunch of ammo into my pickup and go terrorist hunting (from a distance). 35 more words

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Rubio: 'Gun laws fail everywhere' | TheHill

“Law-abiding people follow the laws, while criminals don’t,” the 2016 contender said.

Source: Rubio: ‘Gun laws fail everywhere’ | TheHill

Amen Bro!!!  At least someone is saying this!

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Who Decides How Kids Learn about Gun Rights?

In the wake of the 2013 Newtown shootings, two English teachers — one from Sacramento, California, the other from Salt Lake City, Utah — co-published a five-page curriculum on how to teach gun issues to children. 28 more words

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Out of Control Gun Control | The Federalist Papers

Ever since the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, the gun control debate has arguably become more fiery and intense than the nation has ever seen before. 154 more words

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... This D.C. Gun Bill Will not Cut It [#Second Amendment]...

.. these folks do not get it ..

.. the right ” to keep and bear arms ” is an individual right , enshrined in our Constitution . 163 more words

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How have states responded to the gun control debate? - LA Times

With efforts by the Obama administration to toughen gun laws stymied in Congress, states and some cities are stepping into the void, passing laws on both sides of the fiercely contested issue. 12 more words

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