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"Same Dynamics Of Polarization And Bad Ideology As Anybody Else": No, Governors Are Not Inherently Superior Candidates For President

For a professional political writer, nothing’s more fun than identifying a cliche your less esteemed colleagues are using that never made sense or has stopped making sense and just blowing it up. 542 more words


Just in Time!

“Just in time, I found you just in time, before you came my time was running low….”


Wonderful old song, don’t you think?  It’s a love song!   1,271 more words


"The Weak Link: Winning State Elections": Republicans Now Control 69 Of The 99 State Legislative Bodies In The US

This has not been a positive year in state legislatures, and there’s a good chance that, for progressives, this may be the worst session in decades. 888 more words


"Defending Unions Against The Haters": Right-To-Work Laws Are Intended To Limit Union Growth

Joining a union is the best investment a worker can make.

Unions need defending, maybe more than ever, because of the attacks they face. The passage of a right-to-work law in Wisconsin and Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner’s proposal for union-free zones show how distorted the lens is when the focus turns to organized labor. 540 more words


"Separating Fact From Advocacy": How The Media Enable The Anti-Worker Movement

NPR Morning Edition aired a report this week that reeked of anti-union bias, and inadvertently promoted the Koch brothers’ agenda to reduce collective bargaining rights, which means smaller wages and benefits. 1,658 more words


Right-to-work states gained jobs three times faster than forced union states

This is from economist Stephen Moore writing in Investors Business Daily.

He writes:

Wisconsin is poised this week to become the 25th “right-to-work state,” ending forced unionization and allowing individual workers to decide if they want to join a union or not.

1,126 more words

The Turn of a Phrase

Ever contemplate the ‘turn of a phrase’?  What does a word or a phrase REALLY mean?

In the Southern lingo, “Bless Your Heart” doesn’t mean that a person is being loving and compassionate in… 1,643 more words