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Tea Party Assassin Runs Amok In Lafayette!

By Ben Howling

Another incident has occurred which proves the only people who should have guns are the police, the military, and Blacks and Hispanics who need to defend themselves from overt racist acts. 677 more words


How Yesteryear's Thugs Have Become Today's Sad Old Men in LUFC Cyberspace - by Rob Atkinson

The idea of some “glory era” of football hooliganism is, of course, a contradiction in terms. Football hooliganism, as practiced by adherents of many football clubs around the world, was never about glory. 1,641 more words


Satan Using Gay Marriage to Discourage Conservative Christians From Doing the Right Thing

“The opposition is always going to throw stones, and that’s they’re way of discouraging,” anti-gay activist Bob Vander Plaats said. “I mean, Satan’s ways are not new under the sun, he wants to discourage, he wants to disappoint.”

Satan And LGBT Community

Drug Testing Is Only for the Little People

When you read a lot of Help Wanted ads, you begin to notice certain patterns. One thing I’ve noticed is how common drug testing has become–for hourly jobs. 1,191 more words


A Nation to Raise its Betters

from Facebook: “Go GOP..Lets see the liberal agenda hates religion…they dont want to be accountable for there constant lies( Obama) or kllling of Millions of children…they want u to believe being gay is ok and and its normal in every society u should try it, then go to the parade degrade yourself,paint your body, go naked scream hateful things at normal people..etc…oh and most people dont care what u do with your time but don’t try to indoctronate my kids into your lust with no bounds! 1,945 more words

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Obama Called Upon To Fight Fringe Extremism In US

After Arizona Shooting, Obama Should Fight Fringe Extremism Like Clinton Did

The Nation — On May 6, 1995, two weeks after the Oklahoma City bombing, Bill Clinton gave the commencement speech at Michigan State University and used the opportunity to assail the rise of antigovernment, pro-militia sentiment among America‘s far right. 719 more words