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Steve King, and Why he should Go in November

Iowa Representative Steve King is another one of those that’s capable of making the most stupid comments. His derogatory words about immigrants have made national headlines… 539 more words


Count Me In

Poor Mittster, he is already playing the victim card, as we all know just how quick these Republican fucks are in doing .

Now it’s… 672 more words



As anyone who has ever stopped by here knows, I can be a bit of a dick.
In real life, I am a nice fucking guy, you would be amazed, seriously. 903 more words

Shit That Pisses Me Off

Pot Calls Kettle Black

Er, wait, that didn’t come out right.

Speaking of Right, the current Greek Tragedy of the Republican nomination process just took a turn I would never, ever expect to see. 131 more words


Where Have I Seen This Shit Before?

Let’s see, President Stupie McFuckwit?

Just so ya know, even with Obama in office for three years now, the Federal government is still chock full of their appointtees. 475 more words

Ignorant Motherfuckers

Cutting Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face

Exactly who the fuck does this complete fucking jack ass think is going to be around to take care of the business of the State? 170 more words

Shit That Pisses Me Off

My Sides Hurt

This is a Win Win situation for me.

Neither one of these assholes have a snowballs chance in Hell of winning and now they have one less avenue for spewing their crazy assed bullshit. 348 more words

Assholes Getting Their Asshole Examined