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What's Your Story?

There are people today who believe that they are just too bad to be good.
The truth is, they are right. We are all too bad to be good. 343 more words

Christian Living

The Sermon on the Mount is not a Guide to Christian Salvation

Some preachers say the Sermon on the Mount is the Constitution for Christian Living, or call it a Manifesto for the Life of a Follower of Christ… 1,186 more words

God is Just and the Justifier

I’m sure that many of you who read the Bible have come across passages that don’t really make sense to you. But you have heard and read them so many times that you don’t tend to ask questions about them. 662 more words


Righteous Anyhow!

Close your eyes for a moment, and imagine everything you've 
ever done or said wrong throughout your life all crammed into 
your body, your soul, and your mind at once. 216 more words

Death Has a Demand

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Scripture reading: Romans 8:2

Have you ever considered the fact that sometimes obedience to the Holy Spirit clashes with what was the righteousness of the law? 814 more words

Christian Walk

Equally Righteous!

I saw identical twins a few days ago. Of course they were dressed exactly alike so that I could not discern the difference between those little fellas, though I am certain mom and dad could tell them apart.

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Sin and Grace Are Two Opposite Forces

A common phrase that gets tossed around in the church and on the interwebs these days is “grace is not a license to sin”. I’m sure some of you readers are tired of hearing that by now. 1,067 more words