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Call on government to act urgently on independent living/social care funding for disabled pple - DPAC

Social care was one of the defining issues of the general election but the vast majority of coverage concentrated on funding for elderly care as opposed to independent living for Disabled people.   57 more words


Children CANNOT ‘consent’. What the **** is the MoJ playing at? | sdbast


Horrendous news reported by the Guardian this morning that the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) – an executive agency of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has denied compensation to around seven hundred children for sexual abuse they suffered at the hands of adults – even after those adults have been jailed: 12 more words


Years of austerity have left personal assistance in ‘very fragile state’ | DisabledGo News and Blog

The concept of personal assistance has been severely damaged by years of austerity and policies that have “degraded” the support mechanisms designed to enable independent living, leading figures in the disability movement have warned. 134 more words


Court awards disabled woman ‘aggravated’ damages for ombudsman discrimination | DisabledGo News and Blog

A county court has delivered a devastating judgment against the Local Government Ombudsman, after it discriminated against a disabled woman by failing to provide the reasonable adjustments she needed to lodge a complaint against a local authority. 136 more words


#London #GrenfellTower Cladding was changed to SAVE £300,000 as Kensington and Chelsea pressured CONTRACTORS to REDUCE COSTS reports Times ALSO READ Johns post on link below #AceNewsDesk - @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – June.30: #GrenfellTower cladding was changed to cheaper version, reports say https://t.co/5GBac11TA0 — The Guardian (@guardian) June 30, 2017 #AceNewsDesk reports

Jeremy Corbyn for PM (
170 more words

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All profits, no safety for residents, a council for you, no thoughts for the residents. That should be criminal.

Fury as students ‘openly boast of voting TWICE’ for Corbyn’s Labour - rules review called : Express.

THE government has signalled that it will review election rules after an MP claimed students are openly boasting about voting twice in the election. 293 more words


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Should this be true, then moves need to be made to ensure that one vote by one person is maintained and this could be done by asking for national Insurance numbers when registering to vote or allow everyone 2 votes. Another way could be to ensure that every voting card carries a picture of the official voter, but this would discriminate against those voters who do not have photographs and will not get round the postal vote problem. But do not use this as an excuse to withdraw postal votes as this is a bonus for those will mobility problems. With regards to husbands voting for their wives and maybe adult children, then this is more complicated, as this could be done through postal votes and the signature , which should be a check, may not always be, as the husbands could apply by them signing as their relative.. Even fingerprint will not work for postal, as the husband could just implant the relatives fingerprint, but still not allow them to vote. Anyone who is eventually found guilty of any of the above, should permanently lose their right to vote in addition to any other punishments. Currently I cannot think of a way, but more than likely there will be. Aren't humans devious creatures.