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The Yemeni Civil war :Who is fighting and why?

Overshadowed by its relative smallness and obscured by its relative complexity, the six-month-old civil war in Yemen is the middle child of Middle East conflict. 1,747 more words

Saudi Arabia

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Women, Wear This Feminist Artist's Anti-Rape Cloak To Definitely Not Get Raped

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‘…………..Priscilla Frank Arts Writer, The Huffington Post

“No one is ever asking for it. We shouldn’t be asking women to cover up, we should be educating people about consent.” 681 more words


Michael O’Sullivan inquest: Chief coroner silent over WCA ‘future deaths’ reports

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The chief coroner of England and Wales has refused to act after it emerged that only one coroner has written an official report warning that lives could be put at risk by the government’s “fitness for work” test. 807 more words


Anonymous Attacks Saudi Government Over Crucifixion Of Protester

Hacker group Anonymous claims it has attacked the Saudi government over a high court’s recent decision to crucify and behead a teenage boy because he protested the regime. 542 more words

Human Rights

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Is the UN fit for purpose when they can put Saudi Arabia on its international panel on human rights for if they believe in human rights why have a regime that opposes them. The UN should speak with one voice and not contradict itself from one week to another. Saudi should be in no doubt that this probable execution is more than a step too far or is it that oil is more important.

Journalist who uncovered suicide of man deemed ‘fit to work’ blacklisted by DWP

A journalist who uncovered the tragic suicide of a disabled man linked to the government’s fitness for work tests has been blacklisted by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) over his investigations. 597 more words


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Getting the message to MPs

Over the next two weeks, representatives from Carers Trust will be heading to the Labour and Conservative Party Conferences to meet with MPs and tell them what they can do to support carers. 188 more words


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Blaming the victim: Ahmed the "hoaxer"

Ahmed Mohamed is a ninth-grader in Irving, Texas, who assembled a home-made electronic clock to impress his engineering teacher.  His English teacher thought the electronics assembly looked like a bomb.   733 more words


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