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Why a Civil War, The Voting Rights Act and the Presidential Defeat of a Carnival Barker Did Not End America's Race Dance

It’s hard to say what I want my legacy to be when I’m long gone. – the late would have been great Aallyah


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Kendall F. Person

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I welcome your words and feeling and in an ideal world what you wish for would eventually be possible. But we all have fears and beliefs with regards to our lives and there will always be some people worse or better off than ourselves. What we need to do is to understand the reasons why and not listen to violent and unreasoned rhetoric from those who should know better, for they are harnessing the fears and beliefs of others for their own ends and not for the persons who they are trying to influence. Unfortunately this is how the human race is, it will never be perfect, for no matter what occurs there will always be persons better and worse of than ourselves, what we need to do is learn to live with it and we all need to do what we can to better ourselves without reducing the lives of others. It will not be easy, but for the benefit of all human kind and the existance of all life in the world we do need to make progress.

Why we need disability campaigners like Lord Rix now


The sad death recently of Lord Rix highlighted how much progress a determined individual can make in a particular field.

As well as being famous for his slapstick comedy Lord Rix went on to have  a second career fighting for people with learning disabilities ending up as a vocal champion in the House of Lords… 508 more words

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Unfortunately it is never ending campaigning on disability issues for when you are successful on one count there are others to take its place. This will only end when the sources of these maligned attitudes are persuaded to alter their views, so a concerted effort is required on the Government and many, if not all, of the tabloid media.

DPAC will use Paralympics to highlight austerity impact in week of action | DisabledGo News and Blog

Disabled activists are to hold a week of action to coincide with the start of the Rio 2016 Paralympics, in a bid to highlight the impact of austerity-driven cuts on disability rights. 154 more words