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UK: Muslim killer and drug dealer fakes refugee status, gets house and handouts and wins legal right to remain | The Muslim Issue

One-legged Albanian murderer who posed as a Kosovan refugee to gain UK citizenship and got a four-bed house and £2k-a-month benefits while dealing cocaine wins legal aid to fight to stay her… 23 more words


Sweden: Police report reveal Muslims responsible for 80+% of sex molestations – but victims are blamed | The Muslim Issue

TMI is the original source to the claims that Muslims are behind majority of rapes and sex assaults in Sweden. No one had heard of it before or pieced it together. 25 more words


Polish girl bullied to death by British racists

This photo shows an African Caribbean girl in Britain, next to grafitti by racists.

Racists don’t just hate Africans, or Asians. Often, they consider, eg, … 446 more words


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For racism and bullying there should be Zero Tolerence irrespective from where it arises, for not to act to curtail racism or bullying means that you are condoning it.

Jailed conman who targeted disabled people ‘defrauded hundreds’ | DisabledGo News and Blog

Hundreds of disabled people are believed to have fallen victim to a “manipulative” fraudster who posed as a lawyer to steal money they were owed from discrimination cases, and then launched legal actions against them if they complained. 138 more words


WEST BANK: Hebron: Group of Israeli settlers attack mother and child spraying them with pepper spray in their own home on Friday night - Human Right Defenders reported - @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – May.15: Israeli settlers attack Palestinian mother and child in Hebron

A group of Israeli settlers attacked a woman and child late Friday night during an incursion into a home in the area of Tel Rumeida in the southern occupied West Bank district of Hebron. 150 more words


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While we are only hearing one side and only faint details, the Israelis should know better as everybodies Human Rights should be repected.