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Arguments for Big Government

In The Democratic Wish, James Morone argues government should not only be big, but strong as well. Yet, according to Morone, the government has been restrained from being strong by the American people. 820 more words


A new vision

If we fix this problem of self defense, American men and women carry their handgun in an open holster ready for the advent of evil to address is in defense of themselves and their families. 108 more words


Human Right

We are people. Presently someone’s granddaughter on the East or West coast is being gangraped by hooligans while the good guys and gals are helpless to intervene. 101 more words


Human Transportation in the USA

As I listen to NPR this morning, I’m hearing Tom Ashbrook on On Point on topic for Funding the Improvements for Infrastructure improvements.

Everyone needs to get from here to there.   197 more words


More on the Human Right of Self Defense

Self defense doesn’t always result in taking the life of another person. Frequently just showing that you are armed and ready to defend your self is enough to dissuade an attacker. 123 more words


Self Defense

Dear Fellow American –

I’m trying to be clear.

The 2nd Amendment protects our Human Right of Self Defense.

Self as in person.  We were made by God in his image and he’s not pleased that we cannot defend ourselves. 227 more words



why did you choose to be this way? why would anyone choose to be that way?

there are a lot of things in life over which we have no choice. 675 more words