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Gunning Down America

I used to be a news junkie. The accompanying commentary interested and informed me. But, I’m done.

Between journalistic political opinions and conjecture and minute-to-minute coverage of ‘blood on the streets,’ I can’t bear to tune in anymore. 1,107 more words


Steve wants tomatoes

Steve wants tomatoes
Adam wants tomatoes too
None of your business

For the 2016 Tomato Arts Fest Haiku Contest


My Very Own Top Ten Wonders

I did some research but could not locate the origin of the top ten list. Many point to the early top ten lists by David Letterman.  483 more words

Dealing With Changes In God's World

My fellow ethically-bound white people...

I went to bed in a poor way last night. Defeated, pessimistic, and jaded, I felt like I was watching my home and my country burn to the ground around me. 928 more words


People Should Be Angry

People should be angry.

People should be angry because we are getting killed in the streets for our skin.

People should be angry because we have no jobs, no prospects. 86 more words


A call for peace and understanding

Michael Jordan spoke out in an eloquent, intelligent, loving manner promoting peace and understanding in these continually troubling times.  Good for him!!!  I understand he kept silent for a long time for the same reason most of us do, but the time for silence is coming to an end when the violence is escalating. 50 more words

Water; Am I (Aqua Poetica) Part XIV


Starved communities live

At the source of water

All consumption is public

Everybody is known

Who comes to the source

Of water, there is no anonymity… 28 more words