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Antara Saya, Perikemanusiaan dan Perikehewanan

Setelah kontemplasi dan perenungan panjang, saya memutuskan untuk menjadi seorang vegetarian. Sebuah gelar yang diberikan kepada mereka yang setia untuk tidak memakan mahluk hidup hewani, dan sepenuhnya mengandalkan asupan dari apapun yang tak mengandung daging- dagingan yang seyogyanya sudah menjadi haram. 756 more words


Polygamy vs Polyandry

What makes Polygamy more acceptable in society than Polyandry?Polygamy refers to the practice of a man having more than one wife AKA a plural marriage. Polyandry on the other hand refers to the practice of one wife having multiple husbands.  258 more words

TV Rights: How watching the game is paying the players

Most elite athletes will not play without pay, and so naturally, the richest leagues and clubs will attract the best players. It goes without saying, how does one identify a league which will have significant cash-flow running through the coffers? 625 more words


No women's rights? No entertainment?

Hey guys! Im posting today from my iphone that doesnt have auto type at the moment. So there will be alot of typos! Unfortunately ive heard alot of people mention “no womens rights” and “no entertainment” in saudi arabia. 441 more words

Significance of the gender divide in financial services in 2014

Since it was first conducted in 2010, this report has become a cornerstone of Finsia’s Diversity Dividend initiative.

Through an online survey Finsia has measured attitudes to policy responses to bridge the gender gap in nancial services, and how these have changed over time. 174 more words


Hijab: To Wear or Not to Wear!!

The news about the positive step taken by the Scotland Police to introduce Hijab as part of the police uniform for Muslim women is an important development in terms of inclusion, diversity and equality for women.  251 more words