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Logic, behaviour, and discipline

I was very well-behaved at school.  It wasn’t that I always agreed with the reasons for complying, conforming, or doing a particular thing I was asked; I simply found the idea of being told off or criticised in front of others too stressful to contemplate. 920 more words


10 Common Thought Distortions and How to Learn to Change Your Mind

Changing your mind happens one thought at a time


Your thoughts.

In recovery they are your friends. But some days… well, your thoughts can become an intimate enemy. 1,118 more words

Mental Health

The Truth about Lying

Sometimes its big things. Sometimes just little things. But, big or small, in can appear to others that my little Miss has an almost obsessional desire for what others might perceive as ‘bold face lying’. 1,223 more words


Random stuff, like thought bubbles.

This is my first post in my first blog.

I have been forced to start a blog because my brain has gone all strange since I developed depression. 500 more words

Fruit classification

“How about this one here?

Where would you place it, which one’s the tier?

It’s less red or green and a lot more yellow

But the shape it has is round and quite mellow. 199 more words

Peopley Story