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Why I will no longer attend anything at my autistic son’s school

I don’t want to be one of those parents that never turns up for anything at their child’s school, but next year I can assure you that I will be that very parent. 767 more words

Autism Parenting

The Day After Christmas and Other Letdowns

I’m always a little sad when I go to bed on Christmas Eve. Christmas is a melancholy holiday, really–bittersweet at the very least. There’s something about all the anticipation, the expectations, the tradition–and then it abruptly ends. 512 more words

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on stubbornness (troiku)

a troiku

you say black
forever trapped
dogged old ways

you say black
another may say white
same old debates

forever trapped
before your time… 35 more words


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Logic, behaviour, and discipline

I was very well-behaved at school.  It wasn’t that I always agreed with the reasons for complying, conforming, or doing a particular thing I was asked; I simply found the idea of being told off or criticised in front of others too stressful to contemplate. 920 more words


10 Common Thought Distortions and How to Learn to Change Your Mind

Changing your mind happens one thought at a time


Your thoughts.

In recovery they are your friends. But some days… well, your thoughts can become an intimate enemy. 1,118 more words

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