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Weekend blues

Do you know those moments of extreme rigidity? You probably do. What I meant is if you spot it when you are in it. Usually I can. 433 more words

The Girl of Angles and Lines

She is not curves,

arcs, and circles that

end where they begin and begin where

they end.

She is all sharp angles and straight lines… 165 more words


Old Friends

He has his truth
and I have mine

Here we’ve come
to our conclusions

We no longer talk
of right or wrong

Agreeing that talk… 32 more words


Flexing My Plans

I’ve never been great at sticking to plans. Something about the rigidity of plans always made me skittish, if not outright rebellious. It can be a real problem. 467 more words


Putting a little heart into it...

Putting a little heart & soul into it is one of the easiest things to say that we’re going to do, but one of the hardest things to actually do. 396 more words


A place & time...

Nowadays everyone seems to want to get places at certain times with certain milestones reached at that time & place. To me, I’ve almost given up on those certain milestones because I’ve come to realize, that for myself at least, that by living life by some kind of list & … 341 more words