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Moving beyond rigidity and chaos in communities - some thoughts on integration

One of the keynote talks at the Mindful Leadership Summit that I attended in early November was by neuroscientist Dan Siegel. Siegel is particularly interested in the subject of integration, a topic I’d like to explore a little here. 404 more words

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Against the False Charge of Rigidity

In a recent interview with Jesuit Fr. Antonio Spadaro, Pope Francis has once again demonstrated his continued misunderstanding of the Traditional Latin Mass and its adherents. 722 more words


Parkinson Disease - Diagnosis

The diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease is purely based on what you see, hear and feel at the bedside.

1.  Resting tremor

2.  Rigidity

3.  Bradykinesia… 99 more words


Envy her

Envy her,
     seated quiet comfort?
The rigid
     fixed in fashion
          to extend meaning.
At pains, conspiring,
     but bent on appreciation
          for all things them (us?).
Would that work
     and worry were
          beneficent bonds. 18 more words

Rigidity is dangerous. When someone tells you they know exactly what God is, run from that person. – The Porcupine of Truth, Bill Konigsberg

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Rigidity and fragility

Rigidity and fragility
go hand in hand

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