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By the Book

After three decades of teaching workshops
Angela could work no longer, insisting
(yes she always insisted) things had stopped
being as clear-cut as they were plastic… 212 more words


Resolution: Listen and Connect

I mentioned in my post, Mutual Affection, Brotherly Kindness, that I struggle with connecting deeply.  I think the reason the passage in 2 Peter I explored resonated so much with me was because I had already been dwelling on these thoughts.  631 more words


What I Can Still Do

Since receiving my diagnosis, I’ve been consumed with loss. What Parkinson’s has caused me to lose or will in the future.  I am grieving these losses and potential losses.   188 more words

Young Onset Parkinson’s

Everything is Worthless Except for My Own Occult System

Something I’ve been noticing lately in the various internet occult conversations I follow is a certain rigidity.  When someone says, “The Demiurge came down into my bedroom last night and told me how to immanentize the eschaton with DMT” or “I evoked Satan and discovered that Goofy is really Jesus Christ,” we roll our eyes.  547 more words

Black Snake Conjure

rigidity: when God needs to soften our cold hearts

Winter creeps closer and my fingers and toes act like a weather barometer. They blanch to match the snow, with white tips and stiff rigidity, a bit like icicles needing thawing. 459 more words




A plum once said,
‘just because a banana lover
came by, I converted myself
into a banana.

Unfortunately, his taste
changed after a few months… 296 more words


there are those...

... i suppose
who think nothing of a rose

they do not wonder
looking under
to find grass between their toes

to such as these
the spreading trees
are whispering in vain

they regard the sprinkling rain
with nothing but posterior pain

the sparkling skies
lift not such eyes
the daily sunrise lacks surprise! 32 more words