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What is a shear building? Does shear dominate in shear building?

Answer by Rakshita Nagayach:

RCC buildings have vertically oriented wide beams (called Shear walls) which carry the earthquake loads down to the foundation. Shear buildings have specially designed shear walls provided along both width and length of the building to resist the wind and seismic loads exerted on the building.

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A productive weekend, even so

Well, most of what I planned to do over the weekend did not happen. I had every intention of finishing my taxes, which I started weeks ago, but that was not to be. 719 more words

Personal Experiences With TBI

Self Love Challenge; Day 27: Let Go of Striving for Perfection

In an ideal world, everything would be perfect. But this is not an ideal world. Things, people, situations, and places have their flaws. None of us is blessed with an ideal life or personality. 458 more words

Self Love Challenge

Reconsidering Strength

Why must we, so often,

Draw lines in the sand

And stick to our guns

Due to honor and pride?

Since when is it weakness… 46 more words


It's all temporary

Something occurred to me yesterday that has the potential to make me as happy as it makes me sad : It’s all temporary.

I mean, I know that everything passes,and I know that everything really is temporary, but I tend to get caught up in the problem of the moment, and I lose sight of the fact that everything changes in one way or another. 408 more words

Personal Experiences With TBI

Short and Sweet #178 – Over or Under the Roll

We often become rigid and fixed in our ideas and ways of living. This rigidity cuts us off from one another and from ourselves and does not allow the natural flow of change to occur. 484 more words

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Penile Attention Deficit Disorder (PADD)

Andrew Siegel MD  2/14/15

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“It is like a firstborn son—you spend your life working for him, sacrificing everything for him, and at the moment of truth he does just as he pleases.” 1,096 more words

Andrew Siegel MD