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Are Extreme Traits Healthy?

Ted Grabowski, a lawyer, friend, Big Five student, and general critic of society at large, posed this question: “Are all the subtraits adaptive from the perspective of evolutionary psychology?  823 more words

Length Spectrum Rigidity

Here I would like to point a version local length spectrum rigidity for hyperbolic surfaces.

Let be a surface of genus . If is negatively curved Riemannian metric on then each non-trivial homotopy class of loops on contains a unique unit speed geodesic representative. 767 more words

Smooth Dynamics


There is a movement
in the rigidest
of stillnesses.

be quiet,
eyes wide or closed
ears plugged or open
throat tight or soft
let body breathe… 54 more words



Stop making the bulls

If you can’t live your life,

Life is to be embraced

Or else can turn for you a knife.

Extremes might help you temporarily… 101 more words

Thought for the day -- 7/15/2018

Rigidity is not sobriety. Rigidity is expecting the world to conform to our wishful thinking. Sobriety is about learning to safely navigate life’s inevitable twists, turns and challenges.


Mental diseases (2 of 3)

Again, take such persons as are conspicuous for what may be termed obstinacy, stubbornness, self-righteousness and all the other facets of a certain conceptual rigidity, a blind sticking to a certain system of concepts; in their case we should try to ascertain the state of the liver process. 65 more words