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Thought For the Day: Pedantry and Mastery Are Opposite Attitudes Toward Rules

“Pedantry and mastery are opposite attitudes toward rules. To apply a rule to the letter, rigidly, unquestioningly, in cases where it fits and in cases where it does not fit, is pedantry … To apply a rule with natural ease, with judgment, noticing the cases where it fits, and without ever letting the words of the rule obscure the purpose of the action or the opportunities of the situation, is mastery.” 8 more words

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Limitless Thinking

One of the attributes about my millennial friend Jonathan is his open-mindedness. Much of his quality might be due to his age being much closer to the teens than mine is. 418 more words


Quote for Today: Mary Renault

You mustn’t get so upset about what you feel, Spud. No one’s a hundred per cent consistent all the time. We might like to be. We can plan our lives along certain lines. 39 more words

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Self orbit equivalences for Anosov flows in 3d

Our note with Thomas Barthelmé was accepted to Math Research Letters yesterday. (Hat tip to an anonymous referee for providing very helpful and thorough reports.) This note was motivated by… 663 more words

Smooth Dynamics

Are Extreme Traits Healthy?

Ted Grabowski, a lawyer, friend, Big Five student, and general critic of society at large, posed this question: “Are all the subtraits adaptive from the perspective of evolutionary psychology?  823 more words

Length Spectrum Rigidity

Here I would like to point a version local length spectrum rigidity for hyperbolic surfaces.

Let be a surface of genus . If is negatively curved Riemannian metric on then each non-trivial homotopy class of loops on contains a unique unit speed geodesic representative. 767 more words

Smooth Dynamics