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WHAT KIND OF IDEA ARE YOU? - Marilyn Armstrong

From Salmon Rushdie’s “Satanic Verses”:

I don’t fit in a category. Not me, not my ideas. The concept of “compromise” as wrong bothers me. Not because I “go with the flow.” I have no idea what “the flow” is. 369 more words

Marilyn Armstrong

Letting Myself Be Held

Recently my naturopath made an observation about how I hold so much tension and control in my body that I can not even let the massage table hold me. 365 more words


Free the Body to Free the Mind

Releasing Chronic Tension
Patterns in the Fascia

A recent article I read in YogaUOnline on yoga therapist and somatic educator Donna Brooks talks about the persistent effects of our life experiences that can leave impressions into our nervous systems. 259 more words


Work-Life Balance: The Importance of Both Rigidity and Flexibility

By Farah Gayahan, Master Tutor Team Red

Regardless of the stage of life you are currently in, you are most likely struggling with work-life balance. Work-life balance refers to the struggle between your duties as a contributing citizen of society and your personal responsibilities to yourself and your loved ones. 560 more words

Thoughts From Tutors

The Pope Needs Hold Back On Criticism Of The Traditional Wing Of The Church

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

I like Pope Francis a lot. I think he is a very Holy person with a desire to keep the Church moving as it adapts to every age it becomes present. 715 more words

The Ritzy Madam

Her nose points to the ether, to jab the stratosphere,
She’s two percent quintessence and ninety-eight veneer;
You’d think she’d been embittered as early as baptism, 157 more words


Athetoid (Extrapyramidal or Dyskinetic) Cerebral Palsy SYMPTOM 6

Please check the 6th symptom of Athetoid Cerebral Palsy and if you find the similar symptom or if you want to know anything else regarding Athetoid (Extrapyramidal or Dyskinetic) Cerebral Palsy, contact our team immediately. 37 more words