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Young gOnes

The Young Ones
BBC2 1981 British BBC comedy show popular among students of the early 1980s in Britain. I for one found it wildly entertaining although not supposed to be watching as it exceeded my meager 9pm school day bed time. 134 more words


How to be a Little Sod by Simon Brett

Here’s a fun little book we suddenly remembered during the week. From the mind of Simon Brett, it launched in 1991 and led to a TV adaptation with… 505 more words


Bottom Live: The Big Number 2 Tour—Violent Anti-Monarchy Fun

Here’s a celebration of the second stage show adaption of Bottom. It’s anarchic, anti-monarchy, violent, and the type of thing you can’t get away with now. 1,206 more words


Rogue Mayall - Sounds 1982

Sounds Magazine – 11th December 1982

Rogue Mayall

Rik Mayall of TV’s ‘The Young Ones’. By Dave McCullough

I ASK Rik Mayall, twisted leftest-centrist-selfist, maniacal hero of Tuesday nights television… 2,183 more words

Rik Mayall

Drop Dead Fred (1991)

There’s been a long tradition of British comedians, popular on home soil, trying their hand at the American market and finding the differences in humour a tough nut to crack. 1,063 more words