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MTV's "Dancing With The Stars" not only celebrates stars, it also creates them

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Heba Bsat -On September 19, 2009, Lebanese-American Rima Fakih won the Miss USA pageant. Suffice to say, Lebanon exploded in cheer and applause. A Lebanese woman had won a very prestigious title in a very prestigious country. 651 more words

Heba's Corner

Will Sanchez do a 'Culpo' or a 'Fakih'?

So it’s been more than a month that Nia Sanchez, Miss Nevada, completed her reign as Miss USA 2014 (Let’s not forget the buzz and  hoopla around her residency issues, Trump anyways loves them..ding..!!). 868 more words

Miss Universe

Did you prefer Miss USA's styling better at Nationals or at Miss Universe?

Many fans have often claimed that India, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Philippines and many other countries do a better job at training their delegates for Miss Universe than the country which owns the pageant.   301 more words

Miss Universe

Pretty Girls on a Thursday, Rima Fakih Edition

Tonight we bring you Rima Fakih, the first Muslim Miss USA who took the prize back in 2010. Never let it be said that Blackmailers Don’t Shoot doesn’t promote diversity. 131 more words

Rule 5

Miss America 2014 Fights for Acceptance of Diversity

Nina Davuluri, Miss America 2014, is the first Indian-American to win the prestigious title. After she was crowned on Sept. 15, the beauty faced a lot of racist comments via social media platforms claiming that she does not represent American beauty. 791 more words

Redneck Americans, how I loathe thee...

Nina Davuluri, an Indian-American woman, has received an astonishing backlash on social media websites after being crowned Miss America. The 24-year-old, born in Syracuse, N.Y., gracefully rebuffed the hate and is already on the Miss America Trail. 418 more words


Not American, Not Indian, First Human

What does it take to be an American? Isn’t being born and brought up in America enough? Isn’t your passport enough solidification for your citizenship? What does it take to be a terrorist? 590 more words